The Scarlet Letter (1850) (Epub)


Basic Information:

  • Year: 1850
  • Page Number: 251
  • File Type: Epub
  • File Size: 3.05 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Nathaniel Hawthorne


(Applause Books). Leslie Fiedler pronounced it the first American tragedy. F.O. Mathiessen considered it the “Puritan Faust.” Until now, it appeared that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s haunting drama of judgement, alienation, and redemption would be forever confined to the page. Now comes the stage version to do it justice. DeMaiolo’s brooding choruses of superstition and doubt hover like the furies hungry for vengeance on the “voluptuous Oriental” woman whose fate would commingle with every life in Salem. The audience joins the chorus as they weigh the American contract of freedom against the fine print of convention and taboo. Performance rights available from Applause.

User’s Review:

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne takes place in seventeenth-century Boston. The townspeople gather in an area to watch for who should emerge from the prison door. It could be anyone. Hester Prynne emerges holding a baby about three months of age. This woman had a golden embroidery of the letter “A” – so artistically done, everyone stopped to stare at its beauty. This letter stood for “adulterer” and would be her punishment for having a baby with a man who was not her husband. Her husband had sent her to America ahead of him but did not come to join her. No one has heard from him in years.

Hester Prynne would not give the name of her accomplice and said her baby, Pearl, would never know an earthly father but will seek a heavenly one. Soon after, Hester is encountered by a man who introduced himself as Roger Chillingworth; he then tells Hester a secret she must not share with anyone and she agrees. Roger Chillingworth’s secret is his true identity – Hester’s husband. So he vows to take revenge upon the man who laid hands upon his wife and gave her a child.