Well Done, Secret Seven (1359) (Epub)


Basic Information:

  • Year: 1359
  • Page Number:
  • File Type: Epub
  • File Size: 21.10 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Enid Blyton


The much loved Secret Seven books are now available as unabridged audio downloads for the first time! The Secret Seven are Peter and his sister Janet, Jack, Colin, George, Pam and Barbara. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet’s garden – and solve mysteries, and eat lots of delicious food. But no one can enter the shed without whispering the secret password!

The Secret Seven have a new meeting place – a treehouse! But someone else is using it too. The gang are furious, but then they learn the intruder is in big trouble, and needs their help. Can the Seven come to the rescue?

User’s Review:

It’s a hot summer day and the Seven are fed up of having their meetings in Janet and Peter’s stuffy garden shed. Due to this the children decide to visit Windy Woods and build a tree house. In the tree house they find a cubbyhole where they can store food and games. There are also wooden planks and a rubber sheet tied to a branch high up in the tree, so the children could safely sit down on cushions.

The story starts to come to life when Janet gives Colin a book to read about ships. On the same day, a storm breaks out and Colin realises he has left the book in the cubbyhole of the tree. This leads to Colin and Peter going on a nail-biting midnight trek to find the book up the tree but they are not alone and realise some of their biscuits and chocolate have disappeared.