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  • Year: 2009
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In today’s fast-paced world, gastroenterology & hepatology residents and fellows struggle to find the time to study for the board exams, prepare for teaching rounds, or just plain read. What is the best way to effectively prepare and study if reading multiple resources can’t seem to fit into your daily schedule? The answer to your study questions (and study time!) can be found inside: Acing the GI Board Exam: The Ultimate Crunch-Time Resource Traditional textbooks usually feature long and detailed discussions that are not directly relevant to board and re-certification exams. On the flip side, many board review manuals provide lists and bullet points lacking sufficient background and context. Acing the GI Board Exam by Dr. Brennan Spiegel aims to fill the unmet need in board review by presenting time-tested and high-yield information in a rational, useful, and contextually appropriate format. Why You Will Need to Read Acing the GI Board Exam: • Carefully vetted board-style vignettes with color images • Comprehensive yet succinct answers using a high-yield format • Emphasis on key clinical pearls and “board buzzwords” • Answers to classic board “threshold values” questions that you need to know but always seem to forget (eg how high must gastrin rise for a secretin stimulation test to be positive?) • Rapid fire crunch time exam with 170 classic one-liners such as: Alopecia + dystrophic nails + colon polyps = Diagnosis Chapters Include: • A compilation of general lessons learned from past test-takers • “Tough Stuff” board review vignettes • Board review “Clinical Threshold Values” • “Crunch-Time” Self Test – time to get your game on! With its focus on pearl after pearl, emphasis on images, and attention to high-yield “tough stuff” vignettes you don’t know the answers to (yet), Acing the GI Board Exam is truly the ultimate crunch-time resource for acing the GI and Hepatology examination, taking re-certifying examinations, looking good on clerkship rounds, or for just challenging yourself with interesting and entertaining vignettes.

User’s Review:

“The author has done an excellent job creating a text that is uniquely formatted and avoids the inefficient approach to studying that some board review texts possess. The vignettes are clinically relevant, easy to read and encompass a large number of high yield topics.”

Dr. Spiegel is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Digestive Diseases, UCLA School of Medicine, and in the Division of Gastroenterology, VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System. He is the section chief for Health Services Research at the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases, and Chief of Education and Training in the UCLA GI Fellowship Training Program―amongst the largest GI Training Programs in the country. Dr. Spiegel attended Tufts University where he majored in Philosophy and Community Health, and obtained his medical degree from New York Medical College. He received training in internal medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, completed a fellowship in Gastroenterology at UCLA, and completed advanced studies in Health Services Research in the UCLA School of Public Health, where he received a master’s degree in Health Services. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He currently teaches in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA. Dr. Spiegel’s research interests have focused on acid-peptic disorders, chronic liver disease, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and functional bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and dyspepsia. He has performed research across a range of health services methodologies, including health related quality of life measurement, survey design and administration, systematic review, meta-analysis, multivariable regression analysis, survival analysis, expert panel research, quality improvement, cost-effectiveness analysis, budget impact modeling, and use of clinical informatics to support decision making. He is a peer reviewer for numerous medical journals, and is on the editorial boards for the American Journal of Gastroenterology and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He has contributed to the publication of more than 60 peer-reviewed papers, as well as numerous abstracts, book chapters, and monographs.


Free Download Acing the GI Board Exam PDF

Acing the GI Board Exam PDF Free Download

Download Acing the GI Board Exam 2009 PDF Free

Acing the GI Board Exam 2009 PDF Free Download

Download Acing the GI Board Exam PDF


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