Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy (2014) (PDF) Goran Augustin



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  • Year: 2014
  • Page Number: 840
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  • Authors/ Editiors: Goran Augustin


This is the second edition of a well-received book that reflects the state of the art in diagnosis and treatment of acute abdominal disorders in the pregnant patient. It addresses a wide range of conditions – whether associated with or incidental to pregnancy – ranging from very rare to more common ones, such as acute appendicitis and acute cholecystitis. It offers an update on recommendations, guidelines and scenarios to provide fundamental support for all clinicians who might encounter such cases. The book highlights the importance of a rapid diagnosis to avoid serious consequences for both the mother and the fetus. Furthermore, it sheds light on the different imaging modalities of rare pathologies that can occur during pregnancy, helping clinicians and radiologists to better define underlying cases. This new edition has been almost completely rewritten, and includes an additional section focusing on urologic emergencies, preterm labor and intra-abdominal pressure, as well as new figures and tables. It is equally valuable for general and abdominal surgeons, gynecologists and obstetricians, as well as emergency physicians, who may be the first specialists to have clinical contact with this group of patients.

Goran Augustin graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 2000 and gained his MSc and PhD from the same university in 2004 and 2011 respectively. Following his graduation, he undertook a residency in general surgery at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb and subsequently qualified in General Surgery in 2006 and in the subspecialty of Abdominal Surgery in 2010. He is currently Consultant Abdominal Surgeon at the Division of Oncologic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University Hospital Centre Zagreb and Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine’s Chair of Surgery. Dr. Augustin has served as both treasurer and secretary of the Croatian Society of Surgery and is national representative for the World Society of Emergency Surgery. In 2009 he won Croatia’s Academy of Medical Sciences “Ante Šercer” award for the best scientific article in Croatia. He has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and he is author of several books and book chapters. He currently serves on the editorial boards of three peer-reviewed journals, Medicine being one of them.

Explains the diagnostic and therapeutic principles for all causes of acute abdomen during pregnancy

User’s Review:

Provides an update on recommendations, guidelines and scenarios to help clinicians make correct and prompt diagnostic and therapeutic decisions

Presents different imaging modalities to detect acute abdomen pathologies during pregnancy, focusing especially on the detection of rare pathologies


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Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy PDF Free Download

Download Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy 2014 PDF Free

Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy 2014 PDF Free Download

Download Acute Abdomen During Pregnancy PDF