Color Atlas of Neurology (2004) (PDF) Reinhard Rohkamm



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  • Year: 2004
  • Page Number: 440
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 18.00 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Reinhard Rohkamm


Neurology—made visible Every practitioner in modern medicine is confronted daily with neurologic symptoms, diagnoses, and clinical problems. Yet there is scarcely any other medical specialty that is so fraught with complexities and abstractions. This pocket atlas is designed to provide a better, easier-to-understand visual guide on what the reader needs to know about neurology. In a unique way, neurology is made “visible” in the truest sense of the word. Coverage includes: – The basic principles of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology (structure of the CNS, peripheral nerves, stimulus transmission, nerve conduction velocity, etc.) – Diagnostic methods and procedures (clinical examinations, electrophysiologic techniques, imaging studies, etc.) – Neurologic disorders including their clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, and principles of treatment These topics and more are covered in elaborately drawn, meticulously labeled illustrations. The effective concept of placing the illustrations opposite the descriptive text for a particular subject has created word-and-picture units that combine maximum teaching impact with an optimum density of information. Neurologic relationships can be grasped literally “at a glance.” This pocket atlas is intended for medical students, physicians, and other medical professionals (nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists) who could profit from a visual guide to neurology.

User’s Review:

How AMAZING is this book? From the great Thieme series, Color Atlas of Neurology is a insanely complete textbook, Visually Stimulating, and the text is straight to the point. I reccomend highly to every medical student starting school, or even for the medical resident, you are not too late, this book is great for first time Neurology concepts, or for reviewing anatomy, clinical pathophysiology and the classical neurology diagnosis way of thought.

I am an IMG studying for my USMLEs after years of working as a communicable disease epidemiologist. Not living anywhere near a medical book store, I bought this book (English translation of the original book in German), sight unseen, based on descriptions of those who bought the book. Quickly going to the CNS infections section, I was horrified to find numerous inaccuracies, misleading half-truths, and fantasy concerning the epidemiology and diagnosis of the various infectious agents. For example, for this book, malaria is diagnosed by blood culture. The feeble attempt to describe the biological cycle _Taenia solium_ in the text is so utterly wrong, it’s like the words “adult worm”, “cysticerci”, “pig”, “humans”, “definitive host”, and “intermediary host” were thrown in a hat, shaken, and spilled out on a page without any thought of their definition or which word went where, the result being total nonsense! Although the illustration of _T. solium_ cycle is basically correct, I don’t understand why someone had to mess it up by putting the word “hydatid” to describe the larva form of _T. solium_. The term “hydatid” is strictly used for the larva form of _Echinococcus_ species. I stopped reading this section a third of the way through in order to make better use of my time. I suggest that anyone using this book should stick to the neurology and not even read anything concerning microbiology. I suggest buying a more reliable source for microbiology (I suggest Levinson – Review of Microbiology and Immunology – 10th edition). Whether the erroneous information is just be a bad translation or not is anybody’s guess. Although the errors may not be important to most neurologists, the fact that this is supposed to be a medical book means that the author is obliged to provide accurate scientific information, not make it up as he goes.


Free Download Color Atlas of Neurology PDF

Color Atlas of Neurology PDF Free Download

Download Color Atlas of Neurology 2004 PDF Free

Color Atlas of Neurology 2004 PDF Free Download

Download Color Atlas of Neurology PDF