Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition (2011) (PDF) David A. Farcy, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, FCCM



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  • Year: 2011
  • Page Number: 624
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 13.06 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: David A. Farcy, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, FCCM


Critical Care Emergency Medicine is destined to become the standard reference for all clinicians who wish to understand the overlap between emergency medicine and critical care. Written by experienced emergency physicians and intensivists, the book is unique in incorporating both perspectives into the practice of emergency medicine and critical care.

Critical Care Emergency Medicine teaches emergency physicians everything they must know and do to better care for critically ill patients in an emergency department or to provide care in an ICU. Enhanced by numerous algorithms that speed decision making and full-color illustrations demonstrating anatomy and technique, this book is an essential practice tool.

Critical Care Emergency Medicine delivers expert guidance on managing:

User’s Review:

You get the feeling when you’re reading “Critical Care Emergency Medicine” that you wish the book was available BEFORE you started your training. It covers a very broad selection of critical care topics in great detail, but also manages to keep focused to a target audience – the ED provider. The chapters cover everything from pertinent basic science all the way through current lit reviews. If you work in an ED you owe it to your sickest patients to be the expert, to be their definitive provider. . . it’s probably why you work in the ED in the first place. This is the text that will you help you bring your care to the next level. If you’re a resident, get this reference as early in your training as possible.

Although we have 3 ICUs where I work, it seems like we always have patients waiting for an ICU bed being held in the ED. I have been doing a series of classes on critical care patients in the ED and found really good information in this book on TBI (which we ship out as a rule but still have to stabilize) and things like therapeutic hypothermia which we have been doing for several years. If you are an RN thinking it might be too advanced, trust me, it is not. The info is current and pertinent to most EDs and can help an RN understand some of the whys without being too academic. It has just the right info needed to assess a critical ED patient and know what needs to be monitored in the hyperacute phase of illness or injury. It is not about doing procedures but about what the current care is for the patient and what the ED role is in managing the critical patient. As an example, when I graduated from nursing school we thought asthma was primarily influenced by psychosocial factors and I can still remember being told by the pedi residents to ‘talk him out of it” when someone was having severe difficulty. Yeah, right! The table on formal evaluation of asthma exacerbation (page 103) would have come in handy had it existed back then! The book is not overloaded with illustrations but the tables and photos, etc., are all pertinent. The book is very up to date with the latest evidence which is nice to have since we became a teaching facility where I now work. It is good to have that info to give to the RNs that wonder why we no longer do things a certain way. If you are a physician or midlevel I think you will also find some great updated info on taking care of those really sick patients that show up so often.


Free Download Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition PDF

Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Download Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition 2011 PDF Free

Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition 2011 PDF Free Download

Download Critical Care Emergency Medicine, 1st Edition PDF


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