Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review (2013) (PDF) Garvan C. Kane MD PhD



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 368
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 13.99 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Garvan C. Kane MD PhD


Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review complements The Echo Manual, 3e, with real time echocardiographic examples that illustrate best practices in technique and interpretation. The authors present 100 cases, each designed to bring out salient features of echocardiographic performance, interpretation, and clinical applications. The casebook cross-references the Manual for further information.

The book presents a brief case history with initial findings and still images of the echo. Accompanying the book is an online companion website that offers over 500 interactive questions and answers that follow the patient’s echo clips for proper patient management. Using actual cases, concise answers to the review questions explain key findings in the actual test(s). Plus, the online companion website also offers over 950 echo clips.

The authors lead the trainee through key points in diagnosis or technique, differential diagnoses, caveats, and an online library of the echo for evaluation. Of primary interest to echo trainees and experts are cases dealing with Doppler hemodynamics, chamber quantification, evaluation of specific cardiovascular symptoms, strain, 3D echo, diastology, and patient management based on echocardiographic information.

User’s Review:

“This is a well written and illustrated case-based review of echocardiography and cardiology that presents key concepts for both practicing cardiologists and cardiologists in training.”

This book is an excellent resource if you are preparing for the echo boards. It is also a great resource for checking your knowledge. There are 100 cases which check multiple areas of knowledge on given a case. Must use Online resource with it. When you get a book, make sure the online access is included (the scratch sticker on back of the front cover)


Free Download Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review PDF

Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review PDF Free Download

Download Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review 2013 PDF Free

Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Echocardiography: A Case-Based Review PDF


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