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Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging provides a comprehensive review of abdominal diseases based on pattern recognition. Utilizing more than 2,300 images, the book includes discussions of the x-ray, sonographic, CT, MRI, and nuclear radiology features of abdominal diseases. Since accurate imaging diagnosis of diseases can only be achieved with the appropriate clinical history, the characteristic clinical presentations of abdominal diseases are discussed in conjunction with the image findings.

Presented in fifteen organ-based chapters that highlight differentiation of disease on the basis of imaging patterns, Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging discusses the full spectrum of malignant and nonmalignant abdominal disorders. Each discussion begins with the most salient histologic, pathologic, and clinical features of the disorder under discussion. This is followed by a systematic review of the imaging features of the disease as seen by all modalities.

Unlike most radiology texts which are organized by pathology, Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging is organized by imaging appearance―mimicking real-world practice. The book guides you through the process of imaging-based diagnosis and stresses the epidemiological, clinical, and imaging features that allow the most accurate prediction of disease.

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Dr. Wallace Miller has been a member of the American Board of Radiology since 1991 and has held the sub-committe co-chair of thoracic radiology for the Radiiological Society of North America. He is a professor of Radiology at the University of Pensylvania School of Medicine and has been the recipient of many teaching awards. His teaching responsibilities include supervision of radiology residents, radiology fellows and medical students rotating through the Thoracic Imaging and Body CT Sections of the Radiology Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He has authored and co-authored many journal articles and is the author of two books


Free Download Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging 1st Edition PDF

Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Download Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free

Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging 1st Edition PDF