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  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 453
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 13.58 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Pascal Chabrot


The current textbooks for specialists are too detailed. This book will be a handy pocket guide for trainee vascular radiologists, and will serve as an aide-memoire for senior vascular radiologists. Each procedure will be shown in its entirety.

Rather than being a library purchase, this book will be a handy and accessible guide for quick reference aimed at clinical interventional radiologists in multidisciplinary staff rooms and angiography suites.

Innovations in catheterization techniques and embolization agents have considerably contributed to the development of endovascular occlusion techniques in arterial and venous trunks as much as distal parenchymal capillar beds. Mini invasive therapies, endovascular embolization and chemo-embolization now constitute valuable therapeutic alternatives in various fields: on a purely palliative or on a curative basis in oncology, but also in traumatology, functional diseases, and for the treatment of benign tumors, or when dealing with post-operative complications.

User’s Review:

As in-depth and detailed descriptions of these techniques are all ready available in specialized books, our ambition is to provide a basic handbook for the young vascular radiologists in training and a checklist for the more experienced interventional radiologists, by providing for each of the constantly increasing indications a synthetic approach of the technique and its expected results.

The first part of this book relates to the tool box (the materials) and the procedure techniques as well as the physiopathological requirements for carrying out embolization; the second part is an analytical description of the main situations and anatomo-clinical strategies.


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Embolization PDF Free Download

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Embolization 2013 PDF Free Download

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