Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition (2013) (PDF) Suzette M. LaRoche MD



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  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 338
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 50.03 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Suzette M. LaRoche MD


The emerging technology of continuous EEG monitoring in intensive care units gives practitioners the ability to identify malignant EEG patterns quickly and provide more effective care. Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoringencompasses the wide range of technical and clinical issues involved in the successful monitoring of critically ill patients to detect significant changes in cerebral function and prevent serious neuronal injury. Divided into five sections, the handbook covers EEG acquisition and other technical considerations, clinical indications, EEG interpretation, appropriate treatment, and practical and administrative concerns.

The book addresses the often overlooked subjects of billing, coding, and generating reports to facilitate communication across the entire ICU team. Written by leading experts in this rapidly evolving field, the chapters are brief and formatted for maximum utility with bulleted text, pearls, and take-home points to reinforce key information. High-quality examples of routine and quantitative EEG findings help users hone their interpretive understanding and build skills for detecting clinically significant EEG changes in the ICU.

Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring is the first practical but comprehensive resource dedicated to the art and science of EEG monitoring in the ICU. Neurologists, neurointensivists, neurosurgeons, nursing staff, EEG technologists, and anyone caring for critically patients will find pertinent and pivotal information to inform their practice.

User’s Review:

Great little handbook with evidence based guidelines

Pure awesome. This handbook is the only one of its kind. Key points at the beginning of every chapter help highlight the high yield facts. Chapters are organized in bullet points- thorough yet easy to digest and easy to remember the important facts. No doubt, the brightest and most experienced minds in the field of epilepsy and ICU EEG have written this book.

One of the hottest topics in ICU EEG are trends/ quantitative EEG and this is the ONLY resource written by leading ICU epileptologists that I have been able to find. The trends have helped make much more efficient use of the over thousands of hours I have spent reviewing ICU EEGs. The book gives clear concise explanations of the trends, even providing picture references (very helpful to say the least) and well-summarized clinical correlations.

Excellent chapters on how to how to identify ICU artifacts, the meaning of ICU terminology. The terminology is particularly helpful for those of us writing reports daily (and/or those who are developing research databases). I haven’t even had a chance to read the peds ICU EEG chapter but unbelievable that the author event thought to include peds in this well-organized, concise high yield handbook. The book even walks you step by step on how to set up your own EMU…even walks through data storage needed, physical configuration of wall equipment, staff needed, etc. The author didn’t miss a beat.

Perhaps my favorite chapter is the easy to understand explanation of the ictal-interictal continuum. The continuum concept is extremely difficult to grasp during residency when you are quickly trying to figure out how to read stat EEGs and then how to treat patients based on those findings in the middle of the night. This handbook actually assists not only with figuring out how to recognize periodic discharges and other difficult waveforms and understand the implications of the findings …but the clincher is that it even FITS IN MY WHITE COAT!! (Just like the Boards and Wards book in my intern year, this book has earned its own pocket in my white coat.)

Lisa Aenlle (Clin Neurophys Fellow)


Free Download Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition PDF

Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Download Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free

Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring 1st Edition PDF


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