Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition (2011) (PDF) Lawrence S. Friedman MD



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2011
  • Page Number: 536
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 15.54 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Lawrence S. Friedman MD


The Handbook of Liver Disease, 3rd Edition, by Drs. Lawrence S. Friedman and Emmet B. Keeffe, gives you quick reference to the most recent diagnostic and treatment options for patients with liver disorders. International authorities share the latest clinical findings and procedures to help you expertly manage illnesses like hepatitis B and C and hepatocellular carcinoma, as well as apply new practices like genetic testing, noninvasive imaging techniques, and so much more. Quickly access updated information on all aspects of liver disease including new drugs, therapy trials, and post-transplant conditions with this full-color, templated edition–in print and online at www.expertconsult.com.

Expedite diagnostic and therapeutic decision making with a highly templated outline format that uses full-color illustrations, tables, algorithms and figures, key point boxes, and alert symbols to present information at a glance

Apply some of the latest treatments for liver disease including the role of pretreatment IL28B testing for patients with hepatitis B and C; radiofrequency ablation and sorafenib in cases of hepatocellular carcinoma; the use of the drug rifaximin to treat hepatic encephalopathy; and much more

User’s Review:

A multi-author book edited by two excellent clinicians (Emmet Keeffe, Stanford and Lawrence Friedman, Harvard), this is an excellent read for anyone involved in taking care of patients with liver diseases. It contains information in a succinct, often bulleted form that makes it easy to quickly go through a particular topic. The only thing lacking at this time is new and updated information, especially the management aspect. Overall, however, it is a great source to have. Kudos to the editors for this great handbook!

“Handbook of Liver Disease guarantees quick access and easy-to-find answers for any practitioner who encounters patients with liver disease thanks to the templated format. This handbook will serve as a useful and valuable reference for busy practicing gastroenterologists and hepatologists, internists, family practitioners, other specialists, and trainees in gastroenterology and hepatology or internal medicine. The addition of review questions will be of particular use to readers preparing for the certification and recertification examinations in gastroenterology and hepatology.” – SirReadALot.org


Free Download Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition PDF

Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Download Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition 2011 PDF Free

Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition 2011 PDF Free Download

Download Handbook of Liver Disease 3rd Edition PDF


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