Hematopathology Pearls (2012) (PDF) Da Zhang



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2012
  • Page Number: 420
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 30.57 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Da Zhang


This book Hematopathology Pearls providing high-yield information in preparation for a hematopathology rotation, residents and hematopathology fellows in service examination, board examination and hematopathology board re-certifications. Collection of approximately 280 full color microphotographs printed in large format, with detailed descriptions, markings, and annotations. It is a study guide for medical students, pathology residents, hematopathology fellows, hematopathologists and teachers of pathology.

User’s Review:

Hematopathology is complicated. CD-what? Flow cytometry? Mantle cell and marginal zone? Leukemia vs. lymphoma?
This book is a total game-changer. It (almost) covers all the bread-and-butter concepts an AP/CP resident should be able to triage and diagnose. The ideas are organized very concisely and in ways that are easy to understand. Reading Jaffe may be a good idea if you go to a country club residency program where you have time to read. But for those of us who have 0 time to do anything because of the obscene amount of scut work you have to do, this book is a total lifesaver. DA ZHANG, DA BEST.

Extremely distilled version of facts of hematopathology and includes dozens and dozens of practice multiple choice questions. Good photographs. There are occasional errors/typos. For pathology residents, I would classify this is a ‘must buy’


Free Download Hematopathology Pearls PDF

Hematopathology Pearls PDF Free Download

Download Hematopathology Pearls 2012 PDF Free

Hematopathology Pearls 2012 PDF Free Download

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