Learning Chest Imaging (2013) (PDF) John C. Pedrozo Pupo



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 242
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 6.00 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: John C. Pedrozo Pupo


Radiology of the thorax forms an indispensable element of the basic diagnostic process for many conditions and is of key importance in a variety of medical disciplines. This user-friendly book provides an overview of the imaging techniques used in chest radiology and presents numerous instructive case-based images with accompanying explanatory text. A wide range of clinical conditions and circumstances are covered with the aim of enabling the reader to confidently interpret chest images by correctly identifying structures of interest and the causes of abnormalities. This book, which will be an invaluable learning tool, forms part of the Learning Imaging series for medical students, residents, less experienced radiologists, and other medical staff. ​

User’s Review:

This book provides an easy to read overview of chest radiography and CT. Each of the ten chapters covers a specific anatomical region of the chest and contains a number of case studies illustrating a wide variety of pathologies. this book is aimed at medical students, junior radiologists and non-specialist medical staff, and as such is a reasonable introductory text. (Gary Culpan, RAD Magazine, April, 2014)”

“This text is part of the ‘Learning Imaging’ series aimed at medical students, residents, less-experienced radiologists, and other clinicians. … this book is a good overview of chest imaging. … For the price and the ease of reading, with good quality images and a comprehensive further reading list, this is a good textbook for the intended audience.” (Catherine Jones, Radiology, Vol. 271 (2), May, 2014)


Free Download Learning Chest Imaging PDF

Learning Chest Imaging PDF Free Download

Download Learning Chest Imaging 2013 PDF Free

Learning Chest Imaging 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Learning Chest Imaging PDF


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