Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases (2012) (PDF) Bravo-Rodríguez



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  • Year: 2012
  • Page Number: 226
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 9.05 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Bravo-Rodríguez


This book is intended as an introduction to neuroradiology and aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of this highly specialized radiological subspecialty. One hundred illustrated cases from clinical practice are presented in a standard way. Each case is supported by representative images and is divided into three parts: a brief summary of the patient’s medical history, a discussion of the disease, and a description of the most characteristic imaging features of the disorder. The focus is not only on common neuroradiological entities such as stroke and acute head trauma but also on less frequent disorders that the practitioner should recognize. Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases is an ideal resource for neuroradiology and radiology residents, neurology residents, neurosurgery residents, nurses, radiology technicians, and medical students.

User’s Review:

“This easily readable book provides an excellent overview of neuroimaging. Radiology residents would probably find this book to be most useful during a second or third neuroradiology rotation. The text would also be an accessible introduction to the depth and breadth of the subspecialty for medical students on neuroradiology rotations. Finally, the book might serve as a nice review to practicing radiologists wishing to quickly brush up on neuroradiology.” (Frank Berkowitz, Radiology, Vol. 265 (1), October, 2012)

“This collection of imaging cases in neuroradiology covers a wide range of topics, including brain and spinal diseases, paediatric CNS conditions, head and neck and ENT, plus two sections on advanced imaging. … The imaging is appropriate and of good quality. … This book is very well written and is easy to read, and will inject a bolus of information in this subspeciality in a short time. This should appeal to radiology trainees as well as more seasoned radiologists and neuroscience clinicians.” (Calvin Soh, RAD Magazine, December, 2012)


Free Download Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases PDF

Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases PDF Free Download

Download Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases 2012 PDF Free

Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases 2012 PDF Free Download

Download Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases PDF


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