Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition (2013) (PDF) Joachim Ernst Zuther



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  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 392
  • File Type: PDF
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  • Authors/ Editiors: Joachim Ernst Zuther


In this expanded third edition, with more than a dozen new sections and completely updated chapters,Lymphedema Management once again provides a clear and accessible introduction to the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the disturbances that lead to lymphedema and related conditions, and the most effective treatments. Covering key areas from anatomy, physiology, and pathology, to diagnosis, evaluation, hands-on therapeutic interventions, and practice management, this new edition is a complete and essential handbook for lymphedema management.

Ideal for physical therapists, physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, and students who need a full understanding of this complex topic,Lymphedema Management offers the current, evidence-based techniques that are essential for treatment success.

User’s Review:

This comprehensive guide with so much good advice will be of much practical value to all who care for lymphedema patients and their difficult problems.–European Journal of Plastic Surgery

Far more info than one needs. OK not if you are a student of course. I knew this when I ordered it so no suprise there. But man I do wish our MD doctors would get with the program and offer treatment for this condition or at least acknowledge it. In the 90’s I was told it’s cosmetic. I heard that into the 2000’s. They would offer me a mild diuretic and those who know even then…they do not work with this condition. They may dry up your eyes and suck real water weight or retention such as period gain but it does nothing for pitting edema which is lymph waste that is not being removed by your body as it should for what ever reason had happened to cause this. And so much more could be offered to the patient if they just admitted it to themselves…it is anything but cosmetic. It can and does often lead to ulcerated sores and hard to heal skin lesions which can also lead to extreme pain and misery and worse life threatening infections or allow secondary infections to develop. I was sent to a dermatologist once during one of these skin eruptions and was told no you just have dry skin that is not edema related. Lets see I’ve had over a dozen such episodes now and it never responds to lotion for dry skin they like to sell or prescribe to you. Only antibiotic cremes and pain relief ingredients in some of those help with the severe burning and itch and pain and also help to calm it down where it can heal. I do challenge the medical field and so called MD’s who still after 20 years with this condition claim it’s only cosmetic. Really sores and open wounds are only cosmetic? So sorry I disagree. I also disagree that the swelling and severe swelling and buising due to that and other complications due to the retention of this waste in your body that leads to deformity and pain and though yes ugly…as it is….it is not cosmetic it is medical and needs someone to pay attention especially the AMA. Meantime it is books like this we who find our selves years into the condtion searching for and looking at to help us get some control or learn some maintence techinques or just shed light on it. This book does help in that respect. It is a bit much but it is comprehensive and it does throw all severe lymph edema diseases and conditions together to some extent and you are left sorting through or skipping some sections unless of course you are a student in the field learning this material. I bought a used manual and it was in like new condition so if you do choose a buyer with good ratings. It often works out well. My seller also included 4 extra DVD sets about this condtion just threw them in and WOW that was nice. First one did not play so I will have to investigate why not. But have yet to try the others. The book however has a wealth if information and some you need to tease out for your own application and use. But it’s as one might refer to not for the faint of heart. It had details and graphics that can be quite shocking at times. I would give it 5 stars if a book like this would either have a strong section on looking at general trauma caused lymphedema with materials specific to how to excercise and what to avoid to improve and not make worse. No one knows the real reason it happens after an accident or trauma but it does. I think a lot of people are interested and the medical world continues to ignore it if they can.


Free Download Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition in PDF format

Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Download Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition 2013 PDF Free

Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Lymphedema Management-The Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners, 3rd Edition PDF


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