Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition (2012) (PDF) A. James Barkovich



Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition (2012) (PDF) A. James Barkovich

Basic Information:

  • Year: 2012
  • Page Number: 1144
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 68.21 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: A. James Barkovich


The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition of Pediatric Neuroimaging is a highly illustrated text-reference that describes and illustrates the full range of pediatric disorders diagnosable by modern neuroimaging. Covering the diagnosis of brain, spinal, and head and neck disorders in the pediatric patient, the text is rooted in the principle that the proper interpretation of studies requires the acquisition of high-quality images and an understanding of the basic concepts of neuroembryology, normal development, and pathophysiology. Much coverage is given to the disorders seen in everyday practice. The emphasis is on CT and MRI, which are the optimal imaging modalities in children.

The first two chapters describe useful imaging techniques in this patient population and the imaging manifestations of normal development, to distinguish that from manifestations of disease. The final ten chapters of the book are divided by groups of diseases, with numerous drawings and images that illuminate the underlying pathologic and embryologic/genetic bases of each disorder. The goal is provide a basic approach to groups of diseases, then offer detailed information about the clinical manifestations, underlying biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and/or pathology of specific disorders.

The book incorporates the essential concepts for obtaining good images and understanding normal development, which helps the reader to distinguish normal developmental changes from disease

User’s Review:

The book is thorough, the descriptions are as complete as can be expected for a radiology book, the images are plenty. In fact, each image has a half-page description, in thorough detail. This is certainly THE BOOK for pediatric neuroradiology. It’s giant and scary, but leads you through topics with excellent organization, clear chapters, beautiful summary tables, and excellent images.

For an e-book, it needs some tweaking. The fonts don’t change between chapter text and image text. It’s hard to tell if I’m reading an image description or main text. It’s not possible to look at an image and its description at the same time, like you could in a real book. The image quality decreases rapidly if its zoomed in. I realize these are all technical issues, and I LOVE that this book is available on kindle. The technical issues are a minor inconvenience. Having a massive book that could take out a foot if dropped, all on a small light kindle device, is incredible, and I’m very thankful to the publishers.

I am a pediatric neuroradiologist at a major children’s hospital. On a routine basis, patients with extremely rare neurological disorders are imaged in my department. This textbook is always the first place I look when presented with a novel or unusual case, and it is often the only source I require.

Among its many strengths, this textbook is extremely well-written, perhaps the best I have ever read. As several major publishers have switched to an outline, bulleted format for textbook, it is refreshing to have a book written in coherent prose. The writing style is clear and concise. More importantly, most sections are written in a manner that feels like you are actually consulting with an expert, and benefiting from a combination of published papers and their personal experience.

This text is also quite well-organized. It must have been a daunting task to approach writing a complete textbook on the spectrum of pediatric neuroimaging. This book efficiently organizes sections into logical parts. The entire gamut of knowledge in this field is covered, starting with normal anatomy and logically proceeding to congenital anomalies, metabolic and toxic disorders, tumors, infections, etc. As I am fairly familiar with the text by this point, I can often quickly navigate to the section I require simply by virtue of the general category of the disorder.

The book is also image-rich (as it should be). The image quality is excellent, with clear and identifiable abnormalities. There are many clearly organized tables, which aid in categorizing information and making it easily searchable.

Compared with the 4th edition, the new 5th edition contains new sections, new imaging modalities (including DTI and fetal imaging most prominently), new tables, and a new organization of certain chapters. All of the changes are positive. Unlike some new editions that lose ground with new or revised chapters, every change in this text feels like an improvement. Furthermore, there are enough worthwhile changes and additions that those who own a copy of the 4th edition should purchase this new volume.

In the current age of easily accessible information through the Internet, including medical web sites, PubMed, and of course Dr. Google, textbooks in general have lost their central importance as reading room references. However, the new 5th edition of Pediatric Neuroimaging is so comprehensive, and has been so thoroughly updated with modern peer-reviewed papers and the latest imaging modalities, that it will remain relevant and useful for years to come. It belongs in the library of any radiologist whose practice includes pediatric neuroimaging, as well as neurologists, neuro-oncologists or neurosurgeons with an interest in imaging.


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Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Download Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition 2012 PDF Free

Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition 2012 PDF Free Download

Download Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition PDF


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