Pediatric Practice Endocrinology 1st Edition (2010) (PDF) Michael Kappy



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2010
  • Page Number: 432
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 37.01 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Michael Kappy


Pediatric Practice: Endocrinology is an outstanding clinical analysis and decision-making tool for those treating endocrine problems in children. Featuring an innovative problem-oriented approach, this well-illustrated, full-color guide skillfully integrates pathophysiology with clinical management. Numerous figures illustrate the principles of normal and abnormal physiology and treatment rationale and effects.

No other resource offers this concise yet comprehensive review of current knowledge, links these concepts with analysis of clinical situations, and provides such practical recommendations for rational and efficient evaluation and treatment of children with endocrine disorders.

Pediatric Practice: Endocrinology opens with an introductory chapter that clarifies the link between genetics, cell biology, and physiology with pathophysiology to provide a clear overview of the endocrine system. Subsequent chapters cover disorders of growth, water metabolism, thyroid and adrenal glands, bone and mineral metabolism, puberty, sex development, obesity, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. Throughout the book emphasis is placed on care of the patient, with the goal of optimizing care and improving the medical management and outcomes for these patients. More than 300 full-color images, figures, and tables enhance the presentation.

User’s Review:

“Edited and written by eminent pediatric endocrinologists, this is at present the best book for fellows in training and pediatricians in practice. It comprises in 11 chapters a concise treatise of pediatric endocrine diseases, well written, easy readable, helped by titles and headings in color. Highly illustrated in color and with up-to-date references, it is highly recommended.”–Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews

“This is a truly useful book for all physicians who care for young patients with endocrine disorders….In creating a how-to guide while breaking down the molecular mechanisms of endocrine diseases, it fills a gap in currently available pediatric endocrinology literature….This excellent book makes it possible for busy first-year endocrinology fellows to gain a broad understanding of the pertinent topics in this field.”–Doody’s Review Service


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Pediatric Practice Endocrinology 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Download Pediatric Practice Endocrinology 1st Edition 2010 PDF Free

Pediatric Practice Endocrinology 1st Edition 2010 PDF Free Download

Download Pediatric Practice Endocrinology 1st Edition PDF