Practical Cardiovascular Medicine 1st Edition (2017) (PDF) Elias B. Hanna



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2017
  • Page Number: 826
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 38.16 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Elias B. Hanna


Providing a complete but succinct overview of the information cardiologists and cardiology trainees need to have at their fingertips, this new title is an everyday primary guide to the speciality.

Practical Cardiovascular Medicine is an ideal reference for the resident, fellow, and practicing cardiologist treating patients with cardiovascular disease.

This book contains all the essentials and leaves out the esoteric and unnecessary stuff. I highly recommend it- not only for beginning cardiology fellows and those who are new to the field. Even seasoned practitioners will find much useful information and a great update on new developments in cardiology. The fact that this book is written by a single author turns out to be a significant plus, since repetitions are avoided and the right balance between the various topics is maintained. Some of the standard textbooks have too little editorial oversight and too many disconnected co-authors that mercilessly bore the reader with their own research. This overview of cardiology is the exact opposite – it is practical and focuses on the important things. This helps keep up the readers’ attention span. Those who spend time with this book will learn a lot rather quickly.

User’s Review:

“Overall, the book is comprehensive yet succinct. The authors should be applauded for assembling a resource that will be regularly referenced by cardiac practitioners. It fills a niche between a too exhaustive and a too basic resource for those already in the field of cardiology. This book is recommended reading for all those taking care of the breadth of cardiac disease regularly” Nichole M. Polin, MD, FACC, Ochsner Clinic Foundation on behalf of Doody’s

I bought this book after having a wonderful experience with his other book which is less in depth but still a great reference. This book is so helpful and concise, and this is one of those books I continue referencing. I’ll go through a section, take notes, then months later want to brush up on a topic, and it seems that I’m constantly still learning yet the topic never seems unattainable in understanding. No regrets – I love this book and when it’s falling apart in a year or two, I’ll even consider buying it again. I’m a new PA in cardiology and this book has saved me innumerable times. 🙂


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Practical Cardiovascular Medicine 1st Edition PDF Free Download

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Practical Cardiovascular Medicine 1st Edition 2017 PDF Free Download

Download Practical Cardiovascular Medicine 1st Edition PDF