Surgical Recall 8th Edition (2018) (PDF) Lorne Blackbourne



Surgical Recall 8th Edition (2018) (PDF) Lorne Blackbourne

Basic Information:

  • Year: 2018
  • Page Number: 240
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 12.28 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Lorne Blackbourne


Written in a rapid-fire question-and-answer format, Surgical Recall is a best-selling, high-yield reference for clerkship students. Covering both general surgery and surgical subspecialties, this portable resource provides accurate, on-the-spot answers to the questions you’re most likely to encounter during your rotations and on the shelf exam . The eighth edition—now in full color—distills the content even further to give you exactly what you need: survival tactics and tips for success, key information for those new to the surgical suite, and expanded opportunities for self-assessment in a variety of formats.

Strategic two-column format provides chapter content in the form of questions on the left and answers on the right to facilitate quick, effective review

Concise procedure descriptions and relevant anatomy prepare you to serve as an active participant in the operating suite

User’s Review:

I’m a PA student and used this for my surgery class and surgical rotation. This book was absolutely necessary for both. It’s laid out in a question and answer format so you can quickly look up the information you’re looking for. It also allows you to quiz yourself. Many of the questions are things you will be pimped on and it’s nice to have this right there to look through ahead of time or look up after if you don’t know the answer at the time. The book is thick, but it’s fairly compact otherwise. I was able to fit it in my white coat pocket no problem. That said, it did weigh down my pocket so you might want to have something to balance it out in your other pocket.

But Surgical Recall makes it easier. Basically, people get Recall for two reasons: 1) they’re not interested in surgery but have to rotate and do well in it or 2) they’re genuinely interested in surgery.

For med students just needing to get by, this partly meets your needs. This is not a text. The short Q&A format does not lend itself to thorough reading, it does not necessarliy flow, and it’s not always easy to correlate concepts. It’s good for reading before an operation for when the surgeon asks you questions (‘pimping’). It’s effective for a cram session before an exam/quiz as it addresses common issues. Reading Recall straight through, however, is not easy due to the format and length (800 pages). If you like flash-card style presentations, then Recall is great. If you don’t, consider First Aid for Surgery, Surgery Secrets, or Lawrence’s Essentials (I personally can’t stand Lawrence).

For those looking into surgery, this book represents the fundamentals you NEED to know cold. The Q&A format basically simulates an attending or chief quizzing you during rounds or conference. The max amount of potassium you can give through a central line? It’s not a thrilling concept, but it’s something you’ll ask yourself as an intern, and if you don’t, a higher level will do it for you. This book has saved my butt a number of times on a surgery rotation. Aside from the essentials of preop and postop care, Recall also has specific questions you might have during an operation. Once again, these are high yield. The keys to performing a cholecystectomy are dead on (*be warned, their definition of the cystic triangle is a little goofy- personally was burned on that). There’s also a few pictures going over basic anatomy. This is also one of the few books aimed at students which goes over surgical instruments and technique.

Overall, a great buy if you’re into surgery, but a questionable purchase if you don’t like the format and aren’t interested in surgery.


Free Download Surgical Recall 8th Edition in PDF format

Surgical Recall 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Download Surgical Recall 8th Edition 2018 PDF Free

Surgical Recall 8th Edition 2018 PDF Free Download

Download Surgical Recall 8th Edition PDF


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