Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition (2016) (PDF) Moshe Hod



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  • Year: 2016
  • Page Number: 569
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  • Authors/ Editiors: Moshe Hod


Babies of women with diabetes are nearly five times more likely to be stillborn and almost three times more likely to die in the first three months. The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus in the U.S. is high―between 3 and 7 percent―and rising. The condition is often complicated by other risk factors such as obesity and heart disease.

The Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy presents a comprehensive review of the science, clinical management, and medical implications of gestational diabetes mellitus, a condition with serious consequences that is on the increase in all developed societies. This new edition supports the latest initiatives and strategies of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and adds chapters on noncommunicable diseases, obesity, bariatric surgery, and epidemiology outside Western cultures.

Written by a cadre of experts, the book provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and international view of gestational diabetes mellitus and will be invaluable to maternal-fetal medicine specialists, diabetologists, neonatologists, and a growing number of gynecologists and general physicians concerned with the management of noncommunicable diseases in pregnancy.

User’s Review:

“With over 500 pages The Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy, now in its third edition, continues to be a comprehensive and detailed review of all aspects of management ranging from the basic science, biochemistry and physiology of pregnancy, to the principles of clinical practice. Spread over fully referenced chapters written by international experts in their field, all aspects of the Impact of diabetes on pregnancy are discussed… It is an excellent reference book and a highly authoritative tome on an increasingly common condition.”

“The book covers everything from the physiology of diabetes in pregnancy to questions about screening and treatment. Each subject is presented as a one-sentence topic and the index is created by listing these 63 topics, which makes the book seem like a list of speakers at a seminar. The chapters do an excellent job of presenting evidence-based guidance.”


Free Download Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition in PDF format

Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Download Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition 2016 PDF Free

Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition 2016 PDF Free Download

Download Textbook of Diabetes and Pregnancy 3rd Edition PDF


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