The Four-Minute Neurologic Exam (2004) (PDF) Stephen Goldberg



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  • Year: 2004
  • Page Number: 58
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 0.76 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Stephen Goldberg


A rapid approach to neurologic assessment when time is limited.

The Made Ridiculously Simple Series was founded by Stephen Goldberg. A graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he subsequently trained in Neurology, becoming Board Certified in Ophthalmology and Family Medicine.

As a faculty member at the University of Miami School of Medicine, both in the Family Medicine and Cell Biology/Anatomy Departments, he has been involved in the education of medical students and residents for the past 25 years. Dr. Goldberg has received the George Paff Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of Miami School of Medicine eleven times since its inception in 1985.

He has authored a number of titles in the MedMaster series and has worked with other authors in an editorial capacity. His first book, Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple has sold over 300,000 English edition copies.

User’s Review:

This slim volume, an expansion from an American Family Physician journal article, attempts to come up with essentially a “bare bones” exam – a process that could be completed within a time-pressed patient visit (and what patient visit is NOT time pressed). I believe that it accomplishes what it sets out to do, but it really doesn’t add anything new to your existing exam. I learned a few things from this book, but almost everything is either in your physical examination book or neurology book. It perhaps would make a nice pocket book, except it isn’t pocket sized. In conclusion, not a bad book to read through once, but I am not sure if it is worth buying.

This is nice for a very brief review, but leaves a lot of common diagnosises out. I found Neuro examination made easy to be a better review. That said, I do like the full body picks with symptoms where you have to guess the diagnossis and then it gives the answer and explains why. They are very basic, but get the point across well. Would make for good test questions


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The Four-Minute Neurologic Exam PDF Free Download

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The Four-Minute Neurologic Exam 2004 PDF Free Download

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