Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions (2010) (PDF) Ranjan Thakur



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  • Year: 2010
  • Page Number: 235
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 7.44 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Ranjan Thakur


Although the transseptal technique was described half a century ago, it has remained essentially unchanged. Recent advances in cardiac electrophysiology and left heart interventions have led to renewed interest in the technique as a means of delivering modern therapeutic interventions.

Until now, the knowledge required for safely gaining access to the left atrium to perform catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation or other interventions has existed only in original publications and review articles. This textbook brings all of the relevant information about this technique under one cover, with top experts in each area addressing anatomy, indications, transseptal puncture, visualization technologies, interventional devices, challenging cases, complications, and emerging tools. Electrophysiologists and interventional cardiologists will find Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions invaluable for their work. For teachers and trainees, it will be a welcome teaching tool and resource.

User’s Review:

“This multiauthored reference on transseptal catheterization and interventions includes contributions from national and international thought leaders in cardiac electrophysiology and interventions.

The first few chapters focus on embryology and anatomy of the interatrial septum, radiographic anatomy of the atria, indications, contraindications, and equipment for transseptal catheterization. Subsequent chapters provide detailed discussions about various methods, illustrations of challenging cases, complications, and new technologies. The last few chapters cover transseptal techniques in pediatric cardiology, emerging applications in interventional cardiology, and left atrial appendage closure. Numerous figures and illustrations of fluoroscopic images and echocardiograms are easy to understand and concepts are nicely detailed. Flow charts for the important steps and precautions for transseptal interventions as well as schematic representation of these procedures are very easy to follow. The comparative images of fluoroscopy, cardiac CT, and different modalities of echocardiograms help clarify the concepts of atrial anatomy pertinent to transseptal catheterization and the steps in interventions. Tabulated forms of trouble-shooting problems, causes, and solutions are very helpful without going through the text. –Doody (July, 2011)


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Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions PDF Free Download

Download Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions 2010 PDF Free

Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions 2010 PDF Free Download

Download Transseptal Catheterization and Interventions PDF