Oncology at a Glance (2013) (PDF) by Graham G. Dark



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 134
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 20.37 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Graham G. Dark


This brand new title in the market-leading at a Glance series brings together fundamental information on cancer biology and treatment to provide a holistic understanding of oncology. It explores both relevant scientific content and key human issues, including communication and palliative care.

Oncology at a Glance is an ideal guide for medical students and foundation-year doctors as well as any other healthcare professionals looking to consolidate their knowledge of oncology.

User’s Review:

When I was studying Biomedical Science at university a few years ago, I relied on these ‘At a Glance’ series. I used the Neuroscience and neuroanatomy and just purchased this one today. I remember them being extremely useful in summarising the key takeaway from my in-depth lectures. I’m now 5 years into the corporate world and I need to refresh my memory in Oncology. I’ve referred to my old University textbooks and notes but they are far too detailed and I unfortunately do not have the time to go through them like I used to when I as a student. This book is the absolute perfect textbook to bring me up to speed very quickly, highlighting the key elements I need to remember about oncology :hallmarks of cancer, clinical oncology, then chapters dedicated to specific cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer etc. . It is concise, precise, accurate, up-to date and relevant to the industry. I will allow me to be up to speed very quickly. It is also a light book and I can easily take it with me to work. I love it and I am very pleased with my purchase. I will use this as a base. A must have for any biomedical science/medical science student or professional looking to quickly learn about oncology.


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Oncology at a Glance PDF Free Download

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Oncology at a Glance 2013 PDF Free Download

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