Human Physiology From Cells to Systems (2015) (PDF) by Lauralee Sherwood



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  • Year: 2015
  • Page Number: 912
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  • Authors/ Editiors: Lauralee Sherwood


Organized around the central theme of homeostasis–how the body meets changing demands while maintaining the internal constancy necessary for all cells and organs to function–HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY helps you appreciate the integrated functioning of the human body. Author Lauralee Sherwood uses clear, straightforward language, analogies, and frequent references to everyday experiences to help you learn and relate to physiology concepts. The vibrant art program and empowering digital resources–including robust 3D animations and rich homework problems –enable you to visualize important concepts and processes. By focusing on the core principles and sharing enthusiasm for the subject matter, Sherwood helps you develop a solid foundation for future courses and careers in the health profession.

Following graduation from Michigan State University in 1966, Dr. Lauralee Sherwood joined the faculty at West Virginia University, where she is currently a Professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, School of Medicine. For the past 40 years, Professor Sherwood has taught an average of over 400 students each year in physiology courses for pharmacy, medical technology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, medical, dental, dental hygiene, nutrition, exercise physiology, and athletic training majors. She has authored three physiology textbooks: HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY: FROM CELLS TO SYSTEMS, FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, and ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: FROM GENES TO ORGANISMS, all published by Cengage Learning/Brooks/Cole. Dr. Sherwood has received numerous teaching awards, including an Amoco Foundation Outstanding Teacher Award, a Golden Key National Honor Society Outstanding Faculty Award, two listings in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and the Dean’s Award of Excellence in Education.

User’s Review:

I bought this book as a required text in a pathophysiology course. Almost every page has a great illustration to demonstrate the concept being taught. Easy to follow for the in-depth level of teaching it provides. Each chapter has practice questions at the end with answers in the back of the book. My favorite feature is the tear-out study cards located at the end of the book-these pages provide a breakdown/summary of the keypoints of each chapter and have really helped with my studying.

This book explains physiology well in an easy-to-understand manner. When I would get lost in lecture, this book helped clear things up! Definitely my best companion in the course. Illustrations are great, text is concise, and the authors are thorough. Highly recommend.


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Human Physiology From Cells to Systems PDF Free Download

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Human Physiology From Cells to Systems 2015 PDF Free Download

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