Pediatrics Recall 4th Edition (2010) (PDF) by M.D. McGahren, Eugene D., III



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2010
  • Page Number: 542
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 5.06 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: M.D. McGahren, Eugene D., III


Pediatrics Recall, Fourth Edition reviews disease entities covered in a pediatric clerkship with rapid Q&A review format. Organized by disease process and involved systems, the text includes descriptions, signs, symptoms, pathophysiology essentials, treatments, and possible outcomes. Topics include basic issues in neonatal and pediatric fluid management, blood products, nutrition, growth, emergencies, and intensive care. One chapter is solely devoted to issues relating to the adolescent patient. Highlights of this edition include new illustrations and updated information on neuroblastoma staging, cancer staging, and vaccines. The pocket size makes it convenient for use on clinical rotations.

User’s Review:

Good book for reviewing both inpatient and outpatient peds diagnosis and treatment. It would have been more helpful if the book was organized a little different with the most common outpatient problems, such as otitis media, separated out from other info that’s more pertinent to inpatient treatment. Luckily, the index is helpful on that one, so an easy flip of a few pages and I had what I was looking for though. I’m glad to have it as a useful reference in my pocket.

I have used recall series books in previous rotations and they were VERY helpful. Ones that were especially helpful were Surgical Recall and OB/GYN Recall. This one, however, was not very useful. Whenever my attending assigned me to look something up, it was almost NEVER in this book. Not that he was assigning obscure things, either. For example, this book has NO information on otitis externa! This book has a lot of information in it, and it is good information, but not too practical for required peds clerkships. Further, it didn’t contain much information on treatments of choice or other clinical management, which are essential when doing prep for step 2. In summary, this book is more about zebras than it is about horses.


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Pediatrics Recall 4th Edition 2010 PDF Free Download

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