Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition (2017) (PDF) by Richard D. Urman


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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 1108
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 18.91 MB
  • Authors: Richard D. Urman


Part of the popular Pocket Notebook Series, Pocket ICU, Second Edition provides concise, evidence-based information for critical care students, interns, residents, and professionals at all levels of experience. Now fully revised and up to date, this portable handbook can be used for quick, easy reference both in the wards and in the operating room.

User’s Reviews

Review ‘impressive data compendium designed to fit in the pocket of the bedside provider” appendixes provide pharmacological data, metabolic calculations , and cardiopulmonary relationships”chapters and procedural content are marked for efficient cross-referencing ”Content is efficiently presented in an outline format ”In its multidisciplinary presentation and scope, this is an outstanding resource ‘Weighted Numerical Score: 91 – 4 Stars!-Doodys Publishers’ Club, March 17, 2017 –This text refers to the loose_leaf edition.

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ For a tiny book, it is astoundingly thorough. I love small print. It is a completely different entity from Pocket Medicine (I have the last two editions), so it would be unfair to compare both. The topics are arranged in a manner suited for intensive care practice or rotations. For students (as myself), I suggest you pair Pocket ICU with Marino’s ICU (I have the big version), which explains concepts and principles. I believe neither is superior but complementary. I read Marino’s at home because it’s bulky or too wordy to scan before bedside rounds. But I refer to Pocket ICU during the shifts.UPDATE (Jan 2, 2020):I find myself reaching for Pocket ICU more than Marino’s especially when looking up recommended doses for and a brief overview of specific critical care issues like acute stroke, seizures, and care for PACU, pediatric, obstetric and geriatric patients, etc.Of the Pocket series, my constants now are Medicine, Primary Care and ICU. They just complement each other. I have Emergency Med in Kindle but I find myself reaching out for PC more than EM at the ED and urgent care. (Although it is a given that we should read in advance before showing up at ED; no one should be reviewing at bedside.) Pocket ICU is also useful in the floors. Some patients deteriorate in the course of their hospitalization. There were times we didn’t have available ICU or Int-ICU/CCU beds so we were forced to manage complicated cases in the wards, stuff beyond the scope of Pocket Medicine.

⭐ Pros:Great resource.Portable.I use it pretty regularly (worth the money)It’s actually a great conversation piece, you can talk nerdy with your fellow critical care geeks.Cons;Minus one star bc the pages are VERY fragile and print is super tiny and can be hard to read.Some of the info is a little too basic but I liked how they include actual photos of radiographs to help you ID things like a pneumo or where your ETT should be on the CXR.Not as good as their Anesthesia version (which I definitely recommend, even for ICU)

⭐ Excellent book and came in great condition.

⭐ This book was great for my ICU rotation because I could look up anything very quickly! I also read from the little ICU book if I needed a more in depth explanation.

⭐ I got this book as a resource for my new-grad RN orientee in the COVID ICU we work at. It is super useful and explains complex concepts in a concise manner. It is small enough to keep on hand while on the unit without being too small to use comfortably.

⭐ Use it every. Darn. Day. filed with info. Almost too much info but the more you use it, the more you will know where things are in this little bit on heaven. .get it,

⭐ My issue is this that there’s already a rip in the back of the book when I opened the package. Book wasn’t cheap so I’m a little annoyed

⭐ This is a wonderful book

⭐ Great purchase

⭐ This is the second book in this series that I’ve bought my outstanding.


Free Download Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition in PDF format
Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Download Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition 2017 PDF Free
Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition 2017 PDF Free Download
Download Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook Pocket ICU (Pocket Notebook Series) 2nd Edition


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