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Patient adherence to a given treatment plan directly correlates to the quality of disease outcome. In looking at the how and why behind patient adherence and non-adherence to a treatment regimen, understanding realistic expectations of a patient can provide a beneficial guide towards providing optimal healthcare.

Treatment Adherence in Dermatology offers insight and strategies for understanding and promoting treatment adherence with a focus on dermatological conditions, specifically psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne. Reasons for non-adherence are investigated particularly in populations such as children and patients with multiple co-morbidities. The proposed text provides patient and physician-centered strategies alongside technological advancements to promote adherence. Written for the practicing dermatologist, this title will find audience with primary care physicians, students, residents, and other practicing doctors alike.

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Steven Feldman MD PhDProfessor of DermatologyProfessor of PathologyProfessor of Public Health Sciences – Social Science and Health PolicyTriple appointed in Dermatology, Pathology, and Public Health Sciences, Feldman directs the Center for Dermatology Research, a health services research center dedicated to improving the care of patients with skin disease. His chief clinical interest is psoriasis. He has served as a member of the medical board of the National Psoriasis Foundation, chaired that board’s subcommittee on education, and served as the director of the Foundation’s Chief Residents’ Meeting on psoriasis treatment. He also chaired the American Academy of Dermatology’s Psoriasis Education Initiative Workgroup, developing regional courses on emerging psoriasis therapies. Dr. Feldman is a frequent speaker to lay groups, physicians, industry professionals, and managed care executives, and has published more than 500 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is editor or a member of the editorial board of five dermatology journals, has a regular column on patient adherence in PM360: The Essential Resource for Pharma Marketers, and is author of Practical Ways to Improve Patients’ Treatment Outcomes and Compartments: How the Brightest, Best Trained, and Most Caring People Can Make Judgments That are Completely and Utterly Wrong. He is listed in Best Doctors in America.Abigail Cline MD PhDDermatology Research Fellow at Wake Forest University School of MedicineDr. Cline earned her BA in Latin at Wake Forest University in 2008 with minors in Philosophy and Chemistry. She attended the University of Georgia, where she received her doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2012. She completed her preliminary year in Internal Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. She is currently the Dermatology Research Fellow at the Center for Dermatology Research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine Department of Dermatology.Adrian Pona MDSree Kolli BASERIES EDITORS:Dr. John Berth-Jones is a Consultant Dermatologist at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and Specialist Registrar in Dermatology Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Norwich, UK.Dr. Chee Leok Goh is a top Consultant Dermatologist, Professor and Adjunct Professor at the National Skin Centre Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Duke- NUS Graduate Medical Centre, Singapore. Dr Gohโ€™s expertise includes Dermatology, Contact and Occupational Dermatology, Aesthetic Dermatology, Cutaneous Lasers, Pigmentation Disorders, Dermatitis, Aqua Vulgaris, Urticaria, Photo-aging skin changes, Drug eruptions, Skin infections, Hair fall, Psoriasis, Immunobulous disorders, Hemangioma and portwine stains, Contact and Occupational Dermatitis etc.Dr. Howard Maibach is an expert in contact and occupational dermatitis and sees patient at the Environmental Dermatosis Clinic, which is part of the Dermatology Clinic. His specialty is dermatotoxicology, or skin exposure toxicity; allergies and skin disorders; and dermatopharmacology or the study of medications for skin disorders. Dr. Maibach has been on the editorial board of more than 30 scientific journals and is a member of 19 professional societies including the American Academy of Dermatology, San Francisco Dermatological Society and the Internal Commission on Occupation Health. He is a professor in the Department of Dermatology at UCSF. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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