Antibiotics Simplified 3rd Edition (2013) (PDF) by Jason C. Gallagher


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  • Published: 2013
  • Number of pages: 283
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 3,34 MB
  • Authors: Jason C. Gallagher


Antibiotics Simplified, Third Edition is a best-selling, succinct guide designed to bridge knowledge gained in basic sciences courses with clinical practice in infectious diseases. This practical text reviews basic microbiology and how to approach the pharmacotherapy of a patient with a presumed infection. It also contains concise Drug Class Reviews with an explanation of the characteristics of various classes of antibacterial drugs and antifungal drugs.

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⭐ Great book which entirely lives up to the title. This book makes learning antibiotics a breeze. Antibiotics are some of the hardest drugs to learn, at least they were for me and I read through this book and felt much more confident going into my pharmacology exam. This book was only recommended for my course and I am glad I bought it and studied it. Easy to read and understand and it wasn’t too terribly lengthy. The book is organized based upon classes of antibiotics and then goes into details on the specifics and what each is used to treat. It breaks the treatment into Great for, okay for and not good for so that you can sort of organize them in your head. Overall, great read and I feel that this book is a must have for any pharmacy class that requires and in depth knowledge of antibiotics.

⭐ “Antibiotics Simplified,” takes the complex world of antibiotics and breaks it down into easy to understand concepts and sections. I highly recommend this book as a study aid for pharmacy students and other pupils in the medical field.

⭐ As you know, there can be down time on the wards. Book fits easily into white coat pocket. Answers the questions you want to know: differences between drugs within classes; common and important adverse reactions; when to use one antibiotic over another.Very happy with this book. Thank you Gallagher.

⭐ The book is exactly as the name implies. While detailed reviews of PK/PD, interactions, and spectra are left out, Antibiotics Simplified focuses on the common clinical key points of each antibiotic class. This includes: mechanism of action, spectra of common pathogens, common/class unique adverse events and clinical pearls.While it won’t replace your sanford guide in practice, I highly recommend this book as a review/pocket guide for Pharmacy/Nursing/Medical students and residents.

⭐ Well written broad overview of antimicrobial therapy. Exactly what was described and what I was looking for. I recommend this book to any pharmacy student like myself looking to gain a conceptual overview of infectious disease chemotherapy.

⭐ Good go to pocket bookbif u like paper over a smartphone. The charts at the back are very handy.

⭐ I find it so helpful to give me a good start for understanding the basics of Antimicrobial drugs specially (Antibiotic) but if you need more details in this field you may need another book with this one.

⭐ It is very helpful to read, and has very approachable language. Not super detailed but good for gaining a general idea.

⭐ Quality reference book that provides as much info. as most people would ever need.

⭐ crucial. breaks down super easy to understand info about Abx. is not comprehensive but gives you highlights of each drug.


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