General Practice A Practical Manual (2019) (PDF) by Vaidya G.



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  • Published: 2019
  • Number of pages:
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 100,60 MB
  • Authors: Vaidya G.


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Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ Best book for gp if you want to just brushup your medicine knowledge.Awesome covering off all necessary things in one book

⭐ I had to wait so many months for this book, i was looking for this one in many shops but they didn’t even had the old edition as the new one was about to come, the old edition was available on amazon but i waited for the new one and for my surprise it is available here before the local medical books shop and also with more discount than them, and the delivery was just awesome, the book was delivered the very next day i ordered it even after selecting normal delivery. I had the old edition and was one of the best books for interns or GPs, this one is also good the printing is easy to read, and the format is as usually best and specific as we always wanted :)The Best book which helped me during my internship and will help in future as you will always be expected to have basic knowledge of every field irrespective of your specialisation.

⭐ Good attempt by a distinguished surgeon in the field of general practice. Rare to find people like these. God bless all your good effort sir. Your model prescription mentioning the caption ‘I treat He cures’ has touched me. Keep it up… regards: Dr. J. Souza

⭐ Gd fr bggnnrs

⭐ The media could not be loaded. 5+ stars! Content is great & Explained vry simple ! Must have! Very helpful during internship & also in general practice! Kudos to the author!

⭐ The book is 10 yrs behind. Many drugs like castor oil or soap water enema are all out dated. The classification of subject is good. It will be useful for RIMPS. Lot of latest drugs need to be included. Needs update and little more palatable presentation.

⭐ Not the best book….. outdated treatment of disease is given….can say it is a basic book….won’t be much helpful for general practice….

⭐ इतनी बेकार किताब की हालात हैं कि सड़क के किनारे मिलने वाली किताब ज्यादा अच्छी रहती है बंधी हुई,पेपर पता नही कब निकल कर गिर जावे,बस किताब का ज्ञान सही है अन्यथा तो बस क्या ही कहा जावे,CD भी नही निकली साथ मे,बेकार है ये जिसके पास ये देने के लिए एजेंसी हैं फ़र्ज़ी है शायद

⭐ Brand names are used instead of generic names.I prefer reading generic names (and in the bracket author may give brand name)Except that , it is a wonderful book for GPs

⭐ Good book for any one to understand . For hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemia these guidelines are given clearly . Daonil sanofi is prescribed which is rate to get but generic is better to use or top three alternative brands .


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General Practice A Practical Manual PDF Free Download
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General Practice A Practical Manual 2019 PDF Free Download
Download General Practice A Practical Manual PDF
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