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⭐Well, I think I am a dummy regarding DNA tests, BUT this book is a great book for learning all about genetics. I agree, that it is more for the person learning at a higher level, and I could have used a more basic book to learn about DNA testing and such. It is a good source book regardless.

⭐The book covers all the concepts of modern genetics in a light manner, easily understandable and with a good dose of humor. Each chapter goes into the right depth: not too deep and not too superficial. I don’t know why the above should be considered an activity for dummies, but I guess this is the marketing appeal of the whole “for dummies” series of books…Recommended for anyone interested in getting a quick introduction to the subject or as a refresher crash course for those that have studied the subjects eons ago (like myself).

⭐Still reading this, but I find that it is not as easy to read and understand as I thought it would be. Passages dealing with mitoses and meosis could be more clearly explained without all the referencing back and forth.

⭐I ordered 2 books. I had no idea when they were copywritten or printed.I’m disappointed.

⭐To some persons “”genetics”” is just fruitflies in bottles, or Mendel counting pods. If you, too, number yourself among the deprived souls to whom DNA is nothing but a meaningless abbreviation. To the man on the street, genetics probably means all that DNA stuff about genes and the code of life which is continually, but not quite, being cracked. In general the book summarizes changes in anthropological thinking, its scientific basis, and how genetic knowledge may apply to the study of men. Beginning with a brief mention of cultural anthropology and the work in physical anthropology, the author reviews a few fundamentals of genetics — heredity and environment factors, factors modifying gens frequencies (mixture of populations, mutation, natural selection and genetic drift).

⭐Good explanation for explaining genetic concepts in an understandable format.

⭐I wanted to have a basic understanding of genetics as it is a theme that keeps popping up in my research area. I didn’t want to spend too much time and effort to learn it, so I chose this dummy book. It turns out to be exactly what I was looking for–easy to understand for people with some but not substantial backgrounds in biology and chemistry. The topics are very well organized, and the contents are written in simple English. The only bad thing I have to say about this book is the unnecessary, bad sense of humor.

⭐Good book & New.

⭐I just cant put this book down…Im no scientist just a little old lady who loves to read. Its not a comfortable read at times, but I can understand most of it. This is the first book on genetics that I have got, and I would recommend it to anyone. I just skip the complicated bits and return later. I have looked long and hard for a book like this, and Im sure I shall love it..very happy customer

⭐I teach animal breeding and often use this book in my lesson so students can have a look and get a better understanding of certain terms.

⭐Awesome book for beginners and advanced as well!



Free Download Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA in PDF format
Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA PDF Free Download
Download Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA 2005 PDF Free
Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA 2005 PDF Free Download
Download Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA PDF
Free Download Ebook Genetics for Dummies Chromosome DNA


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