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Are you having problems becoming pregnant? You’re not alone; over 7.2 million Americans are facing the same challenges of infertility. Though some non-experts say that it’s all a matter of relaxation or taking medication, you need clear, straightforward, and trustworthy answers from healthcare professionals without feeling insulted, humiliated, or scared. Written with compassion as well as professional knowledge, Infertility for Dummies combines comfort and expertise to walk you through your journey to becoming pregnant. This plain-English guide explains how infertility affects both men and women, while covering the latest treatments. It covers all key areas, including: Determining if you are infertile Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner Making healthy pre-conception lifestyle changes Understanding the male and female anatomy Techniques for timing your conception Different ways to diagnose infertility Dealing with early pregnancy loss Finding the right doctor Different types of alternative insemination New advances and concerns in infertility Improving your chances of conceiving Infertility for Dummies includes strategies for dealing with family and friends — what to expect from them, how to deal with inappropriate comments, and understanding that they are just trying to help. This book also provides the names and profiles of fertility medications and where you can find them.

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Editorial Reviews: From the Back Cover Tips for boosting fertility and timing it rightGet the facts, get a diagnosis, and get the help you needHaving trouble becoming pregnant? Don’t despair. This compassionate, plain-English guide explains the hows and whys of infertility for both women and men and covers the latest low- and high-tech treatments. You’ll understand the latest advances in fertility medicine and the pros and cons, as well as how to stay positive and support your partner.Discover how toDetermine if you are infertileFind the right doctorCalculate treatment costsDecide if IVF is for youImprove your chances of conceivingKeep your relationship healthy About the Author Sharon Perkins has spent the last twenty years working as an RN, raising five children and spoiling two grandchildren. Following her Air Force pilot husband from state to state, she’s lived from Arizona to South Carolina, and still enjoys traveling from Arizona to Texas to Michigan to Virginia to visit kids, grandkids, and mom. Sharon’s ambition to be a writer dates back to grade school, if not earlier, and her desire to be a nurse (okay, she originally thought it would be nice to be a doctor but changed her mind) goes back at least that far. Amazingly enough, she found a way to combine nursing and writing in a way she would never have dreamed possible, thanks to a patient (Jackie) with the persistence and drive to make it happen. Jackie Meyers-Thompson is managing partner of Coppock-Meyers Public Relations/JD Thompson Communications Inc. and a “professional” fertility patient (seeking “early retirement” however!) It’s been said that we make plans . . . and the gods laugh. Jackie has heard that laughter often. It took her longer than she expected, and yielded more than a few laughs, and tears, before she met her husband-to-be, Darren Thompson. But by 35, she was newly married and deliriously happy and felt that the rest of the story would soon fall into place . . . Jackie can be a slow learner. Nonetheless, she can also be an industrious worker. She loved writing and, as a result, carved her path in marketing and public relations. She had a loving husband and a successful business, so the only things left to add were a few cherubic children and her own Great American Novel. Three years and a slew of physicians later, Jackie had more than a few doubts whether her future would ever include children. But her persistence and focus paid off. Infertility For Dummies is, in part, Jackie’s story of the journey that landed her a book and her beautiful baby daughter Ava Rose, who at 31/2, doesn’t want to be called a baby anymore. When not writing, working, or watching her daughter grow, Jackie spends her time making plans. Some things never change.

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⭐This book was exactly what I needed when I got a job in the field of reproductive medicine and I needed to learn the terminology and basics of different diagnostic tests and different fertility options. After having worked in the field for a couple years I can say that this book is accurate in the descriptions and suggestions.

⭐I purchased this book before my first visit with a fertility specialist. I have always liked the format of the “For Dummies” books, and this one did not disappoint. I was able to read the book in a few days and when my husband and I went to our appointment we were not completely lost in all of the jargon and overwhelming amount of information. This book is not a substitute for a fertility specialist, but it is a good resource for those people who are experiencing fertility issues to read either before (or while) they are working with a specialist.

⭐Came in good condition. No issues here


⭐Came in handle as a refer book to infertilization.

⭐This book gave a nice big picture of the whole infertility process. I read it before we visited the doctors. It was helpful to have background info going into the whole process because the doctors tended to gloss over things.

⭐Out of all the infertility books we bought, this was the best one. You must buy this book first before you buy any other books on infertility.

⭐It has all technical information I hoped for but also a unique psychological approach, which comforts us in many situations. Excellent.


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Infertility For Dummies PDF Free Download
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Infertility For Dummies PDF Free Download
Download Infertility For Dummies PDF
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