The Prepper’s Medical Handbook (2020) (PDF) by William Forgey M.D

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 322 File Type: PDF File Size: 5.53 MB Authors/ Editiors: William Forgey M.D Description: The basis of adequate prepping is being prepared for both common and dire events that may occur under the worst of all possible circumstances. These circumstances might include the breakdown in normal emergency support services (such as calling 911), the lack of an ability to obtain additional supplies, and the probability that you will not be able to rely on anyone but members of your immediate group or yourself. Prepping requires forethought...

The Essential Burn Unit Handbook – 2nd Edition (2016) (PDF) Jeffrey Roth

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 216 File Type: PDF File Size: 8.75 MB Authors/ Editiors: Jeffrey Roth Description: The Essential Burn Unit Handbook is a pocket-sized reference dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, care, and treatment of burn patients. It covers the spectrum of burn care, from initial assessment and treatment to long-term sequelae. This second edition includes an added chapter on the criteria for admissions to a burn unit as well as outpatient and follow-up care. It covers a wealth of topics that surgical residents, emergency medicine residents, and critical care...

European Handbook of Dermatological Treatments (2015) (PDF) Katsambas, A., Lotti

  Basic Information: Year: 2015 Page Number: 1579 File Type: PDF File Size: 18.19 MB Authors/ Editiors: Katsambas, A., Lotti Description: This guide to dermatological treatments provides concise yet comprehensive, up-to-date overviews of treatment guidelines and pearls for a plethora of skin diseases. It is divided into three main sections that address the many different skin diseases, the drugs available for dermatological treatments, and the various methods applied in dermatology, including fillers, botulinum toxin, lasers, dermoscopy, cryosurgery, and electrosurgery. Each skin disease-focused chapter describes current treatments while also providing a brief synopsis...