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Deja Review Microbiology and Immunology 3rd Edition (2020) (PDF) by Eric Chen

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 432 File Type: PDF File Size: 18.30349064 MB Authors/ Editiors: Eric Chen Description: This high-yield, rapid-fire Q&A book simulates flashcards in a book to help you review microbiology and immunology for your course exams as well as prepare for the USMLE Step 1. The convenient two-column “flashcard” Q&A format reinforces familiar material, while accelerating mastery of commonly tested topics. You’ll efficiently absorb a large amount of pertinent information and streamline study time by focusing only on the correct answers. Ideal for studying when time is...

Decontamination in Hospitals and Healthcare 2nd Edition (2020) (PDF) by Jimmy Walker

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 568 File Type: PDF File Size: 24.33682156 MB Authors/ Editiors: Jimmy Walker Description: Decontamination in Hospitals and Healthcare, Second Edition, enables users to obtain detailed knowledge of decontamination practices in healthcare settings, including surfaces, devices, clothing and people, with a specific focus on hospitals and dental clinics. - Offers in-depth coverage of all aspects of decontamination in healthcare - Examines the decontamination of surgical equipment and endoscopes - Expanded to include new information on behavioral principles in decontamination, control of microbiological problems, waterborne microorganisms, pseudomonas and the decontamination...

Data Analytics for Pandemics A COVID-19 Case Study 1st Edition (2020) (PDF) by Nilanjan Dey

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 84 File Type: PDF File Size: 10.32829189 MB Authors/ Editiors: Nilanjan Dey Description: Epidemic trend analysis, timeline progression, prediction, and recommendation are critical for initiating effective public health control strategies, and AI and data analytics play an important role in epidemiology, diagnostic, and clinical fronts. The focus of this book is data analytics for COVID-19, which includes an overview of COVID-19 in terms of epidemic/pandemic, data processing and knowledge extraction. Data sources, storage and platforms are discussed along with discussions on data models, their performance,...

Critical Care Medicine Review: 1000 Questions and Answers 1st Edition (2020) (PDF) by Abraham Sonny

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 774 File Type: PDF File Size: 24.28083324 MB Authors/ Editiors: Abraham Sonny Description: Covering all four critical care board exams (anesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine, and neurology), Critical Care Medicine Review: 1000 Questions and Answers prepares you for exam success as well as clinical practice in today’s ICU. This full-color, easy-to-use review tool provides challenging case studies, relevant images, multiple-choice board-style questions, rationales for correct and incorrect answers, and references for every question. Edited by instructors of anesthesia and critical care from Harvard Medical School and...

Cotes’ Lung Function 7th Edition (2020) (PDF) by John E. Cotes

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 808 File Type: PDF File Size: 11.07911873 MB Authors/ Editiors: John E. Cotes Description: Lung function assessment is the central pillar of respiratory diagnosis. Most hospitals have lung function laboratories where patients are tested with a variety of physiological methods. The tests and techniques used are specialized and utilize the expertise of respiratory physicians, physiologists, and technicians. This new edition of the classic text on lung function is a theoretical textbook and practical manual in one that gives a comprehensive account of lung function and...

Correlative Imaging: Focusing on the Future (RMS – Royal Microscopical Society) 1st Edition (2020) (PDF) by Paul Verkade

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 248 File Type: PDF File Size: 5.945523262 MB Authors/ Editiors: Paul Verkade Description: This book provides contributions from international experts on correlative imaging, describing their vision of future developments in the field based on where it is today. Starting with a brief historical overview of how the field evolved, it presents the latest developments in microscopy that facilitate the correlative workflow. It also discusses the need for an ideal correlative probe, applications in proteomic and elemental analysis, interpretation methods, and how correlative imaging can incorporate...

Core Topics in Cardiac Anaesthesia 3rd Edition (2020) (PDF) by Joseph Arrowsmith

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 320 File Type: PDF File Size: 11.7298317 MB Authors/ Editiors: Joseph Arrowsmith Description: This fully-updated third edition provides a practical and concise guide to all aspects of the perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients. Produced by recognised leaders from world-renowned cardiac centres, this is the authoritative text for residents and fellows in anaesthesia and cardiac surgery, clinical perfusionists, and critical care nurses. Updated chapters include regional anesthesia, paediatric cardiac anaesthesia, and anaesthesia for specific procedures such as aortic valve surgery and cardiac transplantation. An entire...

Core Procedures in Plastic Surgery 2nd Edition (2020) (PDF) by Peter C. Neligan MB FRCS(I) FRCSC FACS

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 488 File Type: PDF File Size: 19.86105633 MB Authors/ Editiors: Peter C. Neligan MB FRCS(I) FRCSC FACS Description: Highlighting new and highly sought-after procedures in day-to-day plastic surgery practice, Core Procedures in Plastic Surgery, 2nd Edition, covers key areas of reconstructive, aesthetic, hand, and pediatric plastic surgery―all modified to provide streamlined detail of anatomy, workup, and procedural steps. This unique reference, derived from Dr. Peter C. Neligan’s 6-volume award-winning masterwork, Plastic Surgery, 4th Edition, provides the high-yield, highly visual guidance you need to confidently perform...

Controversies in Assisted Reproduction 1st Edition (2020) (PDF) by Botros Rizk

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 178 File Type: PDF File Size: 7.291812897 MB Authors/ Editiors: Botros Rizk Description: Assisted Reproduction is a specialty undergoing rapid change as new technologies are introduced and new research challenges previous treatment options. This text examines a selection of controversial topics for both laboratory and clinical practice and tries to place them in perspective, so readers can understand how and why the current state of the question has come about and how future contributions to the debate should be measured. All physicians involved with the...

Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry 4th Edition (2020) (PDF) by William Clarke PhD

  Basic Information: Year: 2020 Page Number: 1064 File Type: PDF File Size: 47.8103714 MB Authors/ Editiors: William Clarke PhD Description: Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry, Fourth Edition, provides a clear and concise overview of important topics in the field. This new edition is useful for students, residents and fellows in clinical chemistry and pathology, presenting an introduction and overview of the field to assist readers as they in review and prepare for board certification examinations. For new medical technologists, the book provides context for understanding the clinical utility of tests that...