Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition (2013) (PDF) Carol A. Soutor and Maria Hordinsky



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 352
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 18.08 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Carol A. Soutor and Maria Hordinsky


This succinct, expert authored guide clearly, systematically reviews more than 100 of the most common and challenging skin disorders. Featuring an easy-to-follow, full-color presentation, it clarifies diagnosis and treatment, giving you a solid grasp of the latest clinical protocols.

User’s Review:

Description Practical and up-to-date information on presentation, differential diagnosis, laboratory evaluation, pathology findings, and therapy for 100 of the most commonly encountered skin diseases make this as an excellent dermatology reference for clinicians. This is the first addition to the Lange clinical series on dermatology, and it is long overdue. Purpose The purpose is to educate clinicians in properly diagnosing and treating their patients with skin diseases. This is wonderfully accomplished. This is a valuable resource for medical students, medical residents, and primary care physicians, as well as dermatologists. Audience The audience is all clinicians and medical students. It should be required reading for first-year dermatology residents. Features The book is well organized, presenting the salient points on differential diagnosis, potential pitfalls to avoid in diagnosis and treatment, clinical tips in how to differentiate similarly appearing diseases in a clear, concise manner. Reputable websites that patients may find helpful for further information on various conditions are included in each discussion. The color photographs are of excellent quality and enhance the text descriptions. This book has one of the best work-up approaches I have encountered on the differential diagnosis of purpura, with a very useful decision tree table. The cosmetic chapter could be replaced with another chapter on medical dermatology, to remain consistent with the rest of the book. The cosmetic chapter is quite cursory, and this is not a procedure-oriented or cosmetic book. Assessment This is one of the best introductory general dermatology books I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The information is presented in a sensible manner and is easy to absorb. I look forward to the next edition Doody’s 20140131


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Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Download Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free

Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition 2013 PDF Free Download

Download Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition PDF