Critical Care Ultrasound 1st Edition (2015) (PDF) Philip Lumb



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2015
  • Page Number: 360
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 85.43 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Philip Lumb


For physicians and nurses in critical care medicine, the increased demand and use of ultrasound necessitates further training. Critical Care Ultrasound helps meet that need. A straightforward, practical approach, an abundance of detailed ultrasound images and online video demonstrations provide step-by-step guidance on the principles and effective use of this important imaging modality in both diagnosis and assistance with specific procedures. Coverage includes the latest applications of ultrasound for neurologic critical care; vascular problems; chest; hemodynamic monitoring; and abdominal and emergency uses, as well as assistance in a variety of specific procedures in critical care medicine

Incorporate a holistic approach. Visualize all or any parts of the body, tissues, organs and systems in their live, anatomically and functionally interconnected state and in the context of the whole patient’s clinical circumstances.

See exactly how it’s done. Numerous ultrasound images and dozens of videos demonstrate the use of ultrasound in critical care.

User’s Review:

“…the book aims to and succeeds in fulfilling the appetite of different levels of expert in the use of ultrasound – fromthe beginner to the advanced practitioner.”Reviewed by British Journal of Anaesthesia, June 2015

“This book is a tremendous resource of practical knowledge and reference material. It will be of great help to trainees, critical care specialists, ICU nursing, allied health professionals, and anyone practicing acute medicine. Editors Philip Lumb and Dimitrios Karakitsos and the contributors are to be congratulated. ” Foreword by: Professor Teik E. Oh, AM , University of Western Australia, May 2015


Free Download Critical Care Ultrasound 1st Edition PDF

Critical Care Ultrasound 1st Edition PDF Free Download

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Critical Care Ultrasound 1st Edition 2015 PDF Free Download

Download Critical Care Ultrasound 1st Edition PDF