ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition (2014) (Epub) Ken Grauer, MD



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2014
  • Page Number: 260
  • File Type: Epub
  • File Size: 10.98 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Ken Grauer, MD


The 2014 (6th Edition) of the ECG Pocket Brain is out! (September, 2013). We have greatly enhanced and more than doubled the content of ECG-2011 PB. ECG-2014-PB (Expanded) retains its pocket size – adds spiral binding – and now contains 260 pages (plus ~ 200 illustrations). Written in the same user-friendly style that is Dr. Grauer’s trademark – this 6th Edition takes ECG education to a new level. Aimed for beginning, novice AND experienced interpreters (acclaimed by students, nurses, physician extenders, EMS personnel, residents, and clinicians in practice of all specialties). Ideal for use on the ward, in the office or ED – and/or as a study aid for ECG workshops, classes, or more intense courses. Greatly enhanced sections include Bundle Branch Block/Hemiblocks, Chamber Enlargement, Acute MI/Ischemia. NEW topics include ECG signs of Pulmonary Embolus; Clinical Use of Lead aVR; ECG identification of the Culprit Vessel with Acute STEMI; RV MI; Posterior MI; Wellens Syndrome; DeWinter T waves; Giant T Waves; Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy; and more …

This book (spiral-bound) is in B&W and it contains 260 pages; The ePub version is entirely in color

ECG-2014-ePub (B00HX29ZAO) – is the kindle version. It has just been published (January 17, 2014). This kindle version is in color – and it has over 600 pages in content (as I was not limited by space constraints in the electronic version). Description of additional material that has been added to ECG-2014-ePub can be found if you click on kindle version

User’s Review:

Ken Grauer, MD (Professor Emeritus in Family Medicine; College of Medicine, University of Florida) has taught ECG/Arrhythmia Interpretation and ACLS for well over 3 decades. Author of more than 20 books (which have sold half a million copies) – he is a nationally known family physician educator whose medical passion is cardiology. His trademark has been the ability to simplify otherwise complicated topics into a concise practical, easy-to-remember format. Having retired his 30-year academic position in July, 2010 – he is now taking his writing and development of educational epub, pdf and on-line cardiology teaching materials to a new level. In addition to his ECG and ACLS Pocket Brain book series, he has developed self-instructional PDF files; an internet ECG Competency Assessment Tool; an educational ECG Blog – and On-Line/ePub applications for use on computer and smart phones. The sky is the limit

What’s more, Dr.Grauer focuses on making the reader understand why an EKG tracing looks the way it does, and does not rely on memorization of the morphology to justify a diagnose. This is critically important, because once you see an EKG tracing, you clearly understand the details of the pathology showed and that gives you a precise idea of what’s happening inside that patient’s heart and what treatment can help the patient’s outcome.


Free Download ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition Epub

ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition Epub Free Download

Download ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition 2014 Epub Free

ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition 2014 Epub Free Download

Download ECG Pocket Brain, Expanded 6th Edition Epub


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