Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition (2013) (Epub) Mark Graber, MD



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  • Year: 2013
  • Page Number: 960
  • File Type: Epub
  • File Size: 17.75 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Mark Graber, MD


An engagingly written case-based review for the Family Medicine Board Examination and the USMLE Step 3

Family Practice Examination and Board Review, Third Edition is the ideal study guide for the primary and recertification exam in family medicine and for licensure exams. The third edition has been completely updated with new cases, new questions, and new study results–and you’ll also find new bits of humor that make the book fun to read and your study more enjoyable. This trusted review has been applauded by residents and students for its “building-block approach” to teaching that assures you understand one subject before moving on to the next.

More than 360 progressive case studies that reflect the realities of clinical practice and prepare you for your exams

User’s Review:

In my opinion, still the best review book for preparation for the American Board of Family Medicine Certification and Re-certification Exam even though the book itself is out of date and several topics need to be updated (I had used Swanson’s in the past). I took the Exam in April 2015 and got my highest ever score (very high) on the Exam using this book and the ABFM In-Training Examinations published on the ABFM website. The In-Training Exams are free and give great insight into the types of topics and question format used in the actual exam. The Exam itself covers not only the common types of problems we see every day in family practice but also the things that are much less common but things we are expected to know about– things such as Schistosomiasis, DIC vs TTP, Osler-Weber-Rendu, Central Retinal Vein Occlusion to cite only a few. The less common problems, updated material, and atypical presentations of common problems are where they separate those that will pass from those that fail. Thus some review is advisable for most of us.
As far as strategy, it is not a bad idea to take one or two of the In-Training Exams published on the ABFM website timing yourself at a minute per question and then upon finishing the entire test, scoring your exam using the results book and see how you do. If you score 460 or above, you are likely in good shape to pass the exam regardless of what tools you use to study. If you score below 460 on the In-Training Exam, you are “at risk” and probably need to devote more hours to study.
When studying from either the review book or the In-Training Exam, the questions will not raise your score as much as will the explanations after the questions. The questions just show you where your weaknesses are but the answers present the material that must be mastered to raise your score.. If you are at risk, casual study may not be enough. It is also a good idea to consult any references cited at the end of the explanations (which the book often lacks) and read the articles cited for any missed questions on the In-Training Critique Booklet.The real advantages of using this book for your exam prep are the tables and summaries of the presented material for quick review and the entertaining attempts at humor scattered throughout the book that make study more interesting. Nevertheless, the book is voluminous and takes time to work through so start at least 6 months out. Go through two or three chapters and then review, review, review!
In addition to the material in the book, it is helpful to review both adult and pediatric immunizations paying special attention to the footnotes in the recommendations because the footnotes are where the questions are likely to come from. Good luck!

I just took my recert. My practice is rural, strictly outpatient, no OB, about 5% peds. This book helped a lot. Would highly recommend this book. I only wish that I went through this book couple of times instead of wasting almost 1000 dollars on review prep which was such a waste of time and money. Absolute waste of time. My opinion: this book is all that you need. Go through it couple of times paying attention to the helpful tips box. It really helped a lot. And pay particular attention to the explanation of wrong answers. Also if you are AAFP member, definitely do the board review questions.


Free Download Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition Epub

Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition Epub Free Download

Download Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition 2013 Epub Free

Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition 2013 Epub Free Download

Download Family Practice Examination and Board Review, 3rd Edition Epub


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