Liver Pathology 1st Edition (2014) (PDF) Shu-Yuan Xiao



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2014
  • Page Number: 200
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 13.88 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Shu-Yuan Xiao


Liver Pathology covers the key entities and diagnoses that pathologists see in daily practice, focusing on the salient H&E histopathology of each entity with concise descriptions of clinical features, differential diagnosis, and references for further study. It provides the opportunity for correlation with clinical data and radiologic and laboratory findings that are essential to correct diagnosis of non-neoplastic disease and correlation with morphologic and immunohistochemical features in the case of neoplastic liver disease.

The Demos Surgical Pathology Guides series presents in summary and visual form the basic knowledge base that every practicing pathologist needs each working day. Series volumes cover the major specialty areas of surgical pathology, and coverage emphasizes the key entities and diagnoses that pathologists will see in practice, and that they must know whether in training or practice. The emphasis is on the basic morphology with newer techniques represented where they are frequently used. The series provides a handy summary and quick reference that any pathology resident or fellow will find useful. Experienced practitioners will find the series valuable as a portable refresher course or review tool.

User’s Review:

Love this book! The authors have made the key diagnostic features of complicated liver pathology easier to understand and most importantly, easier to remember. Of all the liver pathology books that I have read, this book stands out because the clinical features, key pathological features and the differential diagnoses are presented in a concise, bullet-point format in one or two pages with high-quality pictures. With this guidance, one can quickly go through the checklist of an entity to draw the right diagnosis in busy daily practice. I would also highly recommend it to the clinical fellows, pathology fellows and residents for their board preparation because this book will be very helpful for memorizing the large amount of information of liver pathology.

Concise with excellent photomicrographs


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Liver Pathology 1st Edition PDF Free Download

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Liver Pathology 1st Edition 2014 PDF Free Download

Download Liver Pathology 1st Edition PDF