Crash Course Nervous System (2012) (PDF) by Jenny Ross



Basic Information:

  • Year: 2012
  • Page Number: 284
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 11.27 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Jenny Ross


Yet another book in the crash course series! What more can I say than that? Crash Course Nervous System now in its 4th edition keeps on improving with new added content. One great thing with these new editions though is that the exam questions within the books have now been expanded! There are more than in previous editions, they are far more alike to those we get in our exams and look to be good for preparing for exams.

The content of the book is really useful with concise information presented on each part of the nervous system from the development of the nervous system, the structure of the eye and ear to pathological processes, neurogenetics and pharmacology! As ever this book says that it provides the exam syllabus in one place, at this point I would like to add some caution. This is a big claim of the book and I would say to students, don’t use this book as your main text. This book is great for revision as it covers the main things that all medical schools will expect you to know. However each medical school has slight differences in the specific conditions that they want you to know about and place more emphasis on some conditions than others. As such in revision I would advise you use this text alongside your own notes to ensure that you do not miss anything out.

On the whole I would advise students who are looking for a concise revision book, with good diagrams and a range of exam style questions that this book is worth reading/using. I cannot comment on the value for money of this book as I received a free copy from Elsevier. Despite this I would advise you to consider getting this book for your revision either from your university library in print or online or to purchase the book as the price seems reasonable for what it gives you.

User’s Review:

It is a great little book. Love its compactness and “straight to the point” approach.


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Crash Course Nervous System 2012 PDF Free Download

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