BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition (2018) (PDF) by Linda S. Costanzo Ph.D.


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  • Published: 2018
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 184,67 MB
  • Authors: Linda S. Costanzo Ph.D.


The leading physiology book on the market, this bestselling title in the Board Review Series offers a concise, highly efficient review of all essential physiology concepts covered in the first and second year of medical school, as well as more than 350 clinical vignette-style multiple-choice questions to help students prepare for course exams and practice for the USMLE Step 1. Abundant illustrations, flow charts, and tables facilitate study. An interactive question bank on thePoint uses the same chapter and comprehensive exam questions from the book to provide interactive exam practice online. Students will appreciate the book’s comprehensive, yet efficient assistance in preparing for course exams as well as the USMLE Step 1. Instructors will welcome the masterful educational approach of Linda S. Costanzo, PhD, who excels in communicating complex physiology concepts in an accessible manner. A comprehensive image bank on thePoint makes preparing lecture slides a snap. A concise outline format and bolded key terms enable efficient review and exam preparation.Discussions of clinical disorders , integrated throughout the text, correlate physiology concepts to the practice of medicine.Chapter overviews and summaries offer a quick introduction and review of key topics and information, to maximize study time.More than 350 multiple-choice questions and answers , many of them new and revised, help students prepare for course and board exams. These include many new multi-part questions that challenge students’ decision-making skills.Detailed answers and explanations for every question, cross-referenced back to the text, allow students to remediate weak areas of knowledge.New appendices allow for an efficient review of Key Physiology Topics for USMLE Step I, Key Physiology Equations for USMLE Step I, and Normal Blood Values.130 outstanding full-color figures and flow diagrams and 50 tables, many of them new, allow for efficient assimilation of complex information, and are included in the instructor Image Bank on ThePoint.Significant updates throughout present the latest physiology knowledge, including expanded coverage of cellular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, and endocrine physiology.

User’s Reviews

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐Missing page 151-166. This is unacceptable. The advertised version of this book was misprinted and sold for profit. I compared this copy to an actual BRS book and my copy was missing numerous pages as well as mislabeled pages (see images). Do not buy.

⭐Bought the paperback version (New; directly from Amazon) and relied heavily on it for the cardio and respiratory chapters to supplement my coursework. The material is great, but as other reviewers have posted before, pages 151-166 are missing. Instead, they are replaced by a repeat of pages 135-150. The first half of the renal chapter is missing and it is unfortunate that I realized this 4 months after buying the book.Update: Reached out to Amazon and the author directly. The issue was addressed quickly and I was sent a replacement copy in 2 days. As I said before, the material is top notch for a review of high yield information. Would still highly recommend!

⭐The first page says “SEVNTH Edition”. They couldn’t even get the spelling correct. Looked at this book and right away knew something was off. The words are blurry. Some words in the book has ink running off. No access to the online portal because the book isn’t authentic. They place a sticker reading “Scratch Below”, but it is obvious that there is nothing below. Very bad. Amazon allows the selling of counterfeit books.

⭐The editor should be embarrassed that errors in the 6th edition are in the 7th edition. I looked on their website to submit errors, it is almost impossible to find and a joke of a process to submit. As long as you know your physio, the errors are pretty obvious (unless you’re the editor), but detract from the quality of the book. The 7th edition does expand on somethings from the previous edition.

⭐Outline format that makes a really great consolidated review. Probably not useful unless you have a solid foundation. Used it as a final studying material before med school exams. Might be nice in conjunction with the costanzo physiology textbook for the times you need to really refresh your memory on some concepts. Highly recommend. Succinct & clear and helps you cut through all of the ancillary minutia of some topics to focus on the bigger concepts. Nice tables & images.

⭐This book was essential for me during my studies (cramming) for the Physiology Shelf exam first semester of MS1. I used this as a sole source for my studying, and did a close read with annotations over the course of a week and got 95th percentile, which I was only getting class average grades for physiology all throughout the semester. So I attest my awesome score on this to this book. Super good resource, questions at the end of each chapter and the full test at the end are great for figuring out how well you understand the material. HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU BUY THIS & BRS BIOCHEMISTRY!

⭐I love the BRS series for PA school!

⭐The book is fine and I can read it and I don’t want to waste my review time sending back the book in order to get another one.The delivery time was very fast which was great, however, the book arrived not in a perfectly new condition.The binding was a bit torn on the outside, the binding on the inside looks a little weak, the cover is a bit scratched up and bent; not really what I have in mind when buying a supposedly brand new book.

⭐This is a colour print of the original book.>2k rupees for this photocopied version is not worth. This is not original.

⭐good choice for step 1.

⭐Came exactly as advertised. Thanks !


Free Download BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition in PDF format
BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition PDF Free Download
Download BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition 2018 PDF Free
BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition 2018 PDF Free Download
Download BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook BRS Physiology (Board Review Series) 7th Edition


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