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The Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders 1st Edition (2019) (PDF) by Roderic G. Eckenhoff

Perioperative neurocognitive disorders are the most common and least recognized complications of anesthesia and surgery in older patients. This book represents the first unified source of information on this group of disorders, serving as a practical guide on diagnosis, pathophysiology and clinical recommendations. The book introduces new nomenclature that is recognized across medical specialties, tackles issues of informed consent and screening, interprets a plethora of scientific results from both animals and patients, and suggests mitigation strategies. In order to present and discuss essential knowledge and application in clinical practice as well as highlighting areas of controversy, this important book features expert contributions from the multidisciplinary field of perioperative care and cognitive disorders. It will appeal to the entire perioperative team as well as to neurologists, geriatricians, psychologists and researchers in the field.

The Minor Illness Manual: 5th Edition 5th Edition (2018) (PDF) by Gina Johnson

This new edition of the best-selling Minor Illness Manual has been completely revised and updated with the latest clinical guidance and prescribing information, and includes a new chapter on the changing demands of Primary Care. The simple, clear and easy-to-use format enables Primary Care professionals – such as nurses, pharmacists, midwives, doctors, and paramedics – to quickly access the current procedures for dealing with situations they are likely to encounter in their daily practice.

The Human Microbiota in Health and Disease: An Ecological and Community-based Approach 1st Edition (2018) (PDF) by Michael Wilson

A human being consists of a mammalian component and a multiplicity of microbes, collectively referred to as the "microbiota" or "microbiome," with which it has a symbiotic relationship. The microbiota is comprised of a variety of communities, the composition of each being dependent on the body site it inhabits. This community variation arises because the numerous locations on a human being provide very different environments, each of which favors the establishment of a distinct microbial community. Each community consists of bacteria, fungi and viruses with, in some cases, archaea and/or protozoa.

The Glioma Book 1st Edition (2019) (PDF) by Michael E. Sughrue

Glioblastoma (GBM) or glioma is an extremely aggressive and malignant brain tumor, with cell infiltration, rapid invasion, and a high frequency of relapse. The Glioma Book by neurosurgeon Michael Sughrue is a highly personal book ― a culmination of two years of writing and more than 1,000 surgeries. It presents a unique viewpoint with the potential to transform the traditional paradigm that too often informs treatment of this universally fatal brain tumor. The book reinterprets the role of the cerebrum and sub-cortex, leverages scientific advances to improve cytoreduction and reduce neurological deficits, and challenges the myth of the "inoperable" glioma.

The ECG Made Practical 7th Edition (2019) (PDF) by John Hampton

The ECG Made Practical is a clinically-orientated book, showing how the electrocardiogram can help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with symptoms suggesting cardiovascular disease. The underlying philosophy of this Seventh Edition remains that the ECG has to be interpreted in the light of the patient’s history and physical examination, thus the book is organised in chapters according to a patient’s symptoms.

The ECG Made Easy 9th Edition (2019) (PDF) by John Hampton

For over forty years The ECG Made Easy has been regarded as the best introductory guide to the ECG, with sales of over half a million copies as well as being translated into more than a dozen languages. Hailed by the British Medical Journal as a "medical classic", it has been a favourite of generations of medical and health care staff who require clear, basic knowledge about the ECG. This famous book encourages the reader to accept that the ECG is easy to understand and that its use is just a natural extension of taking the patient’s history and performing a physical examination. It directs users of the electrocardiogram to straightforward and accurate identification of normal and abnormal ECG patterns.

Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Volume 31-4) (The Clinics: Surgery, Volume 31-4) 1st Edition (2019) (PDF) by Jose M Marchena DMD MD

This issue of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America is devoted to Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and is edited by Drs. Jose M. Marchena, Jonathan Shum and Jonathon S. Jundt. Articles will include: Virtual Surgical Planning for Maxillofacial Surgery; Surgical Navigation for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Real Time Adjuncts for Dental Implant Placement; New Technologies for Tissue Cutting; Minimally Invasive Maxillofacial Surgery; Conservative Approaches to Benign Pathology; Tissue Engineering; Patient-Specific Implants; Practice Management in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Advances in Anesthesia Monitoring; Advances in Surgical Training: Simulation; Advances in Functioning Imaging; and more!

The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation-liaison Psychiatry Revised Edition (2018) (PDF) by James L. Levenson

As with the first two editions, this third edition of The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry is the most comprehensive reference on the subspecialty available. Extensively revised and updated, this new edition also features 30 new authors. The emphasis on a diversity of perspectives remains as strong as ever: Chapter authors represent a range of backgrounds and disciplines, and of opinions and viewpoints, and 24 of the 88 contributors are from countries other than the United States.

The Renal Drug Handbook: The Ultimate Prescribing Guide for Renal Practitioners, 5th Edition (2018) (PDF) by Caroline Ashley

This invaluable guide, endorsed by the UKMi and reflecting the extensive experience of the UK Renal Pharmacy Group, features drug monographs guiding physicians in how to prescribe, prepare, and administer drugs to patients with different levels of kidney function and when undergoing renal replacement therapy. It has been fully updated for this fifth edition to include up to 100 additional drugs, while maintaining the clear structure and format that is easy to use and simple to follow in the busy clinical setting. It continues to offer support and guidance to health care professionals enabling them to prescribe medications to their renal patients appropriately and safely.

The Park Avenue Face: Secrets and Tips from a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon for Flawless, Undetectable Procedures and Treatments (2019) (PDF) by Andrew A....

In The Park Avenue Face, dual board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono reveals how to achieve flawless, undetectable plastic surgery so you can fix what you don’t like, restore what you’ve lost, or prevent signs of aging.