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Fast Facts About the Gynecologic Exam, 2nd Edition: A Professional Guide for NPs, PAs, and Midwives (2018) (PDF) Dr Mimi Secor

  Basic Information: Year: 2018 Page Number: 178 File Type: PDF File Size: 8.99 MB Authors/ Editiors: Dr Mimi Secor Description: This newly updated, step-by-step guide to the key points of conducting the GYN exam addresses everything nurse practitioners, NP students, and other primary care providers need to know, from basic procedures to high-level challenges. Part I breaks down the GYN exam into clinical parts, emphasizing strategies to decrease anxiety and minimize discomfort at every stage of the exam. Part II walks...

Fast Facts: Inflammatory Bowel Disease 5th Edition (2016) (PDF) David S. Rampton

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 152 File Type: PDF File Size: 9.54 MB Authors/ Editiors: David S. Rampton Description: Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, referred to collectively as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), are chronic debilitating disorders. IBD, particularly Crohn's disease, is increasing everywhere, most notably in the Western world where about 1 in 200 people now has the condition. This highly readable, 'zippy' fourth edition of Fast Facts: Inflammatory Bowel Disease provides succinct yet thorough information that will aid early...

Fast Facts: Rheumatoid Arthritis 2nd Edition (2011) (PDF) John D Isaacs

  Basic Information: Year: 2011 Page Number: 115 File Type: PDF File Size: 4.10 MB Authors/ Editiors: John D Isaacs Description: This thoroughly updated second edition of Fast Facts: Rheumatoid Arthritis provides an easy-to-read overview of how the condition is thought to develop and how it is diagnosed, monitored and treated. Written by two leading UK and US rheumatologists, it covers the many recent developments in this field, including: Recently published classification criteria; The emerging role of anti-CCP autoantibodies; The latest developments...

Fast Facts: Heart Failure 2nd Edition (2017) (Epub) Dariusz Korczyk and Gerry Kaye

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 152 File Type: Epub File Size: 10.00 MB Authors/ Editiors: Dariusz Korczyk and Gerry Kaye Description: Effective new treatments from drugs to surgery to devices are revolutionizing both outcome and wellbeing in patients with heart failure. Written with the non-specialist in mind, this practical resource distills a lot of complex information into a refreshingly readable format, with clear informative diagrams and useful pull-out tables. Highlights include: Fast Facts: Heart Failure is the ideal resource for primary...

Fast Facts: Immuno Oncology (2017) (PDF) Professor Stephen Clarke

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 88 File Type: PDF File Size: 13.13 MB Authors/ Editiors: Professor Stephen Clarke Description: The treatment of cancer is being revolutionized by drugs that modulate the immune system, offering the prospect of long-term response and extended survival for many patients with advanced incurable cancer. A plethora of new drugs are being incorporated into current standards of care but many questions remain unanswered – and new ones emerge – about how to use these exciting new...