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Oxford Speclalist Handbooks Paediatric Neurology 2nd Edition (2012) (PDF) by Rob Forsyth

  Basic Information: Year: 2012 Page Number: 928 File Type: PDF File Size: 3.07 MB Authors/ Editiors: Rob Forsyth Description: Paediatric Neurology contains all the necessary guidance to investigate, diagnose and treat many of the common and rare neurological conditions in paediatrics. Each condition is covered by its own topic providing information on symptoms and signs, complications and emergency intervention. Other contents include: anatomical diagrams for quick and easy reference; expert guidance on drug usage in paediatric neurology; highlighted emergencies section; and, NorthAmerican perspectives on management. Rob Forsyth trained at Cambridge and Oxford...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks of Interventional Radiology 1st Edition (2009) (PDF) by Raman Uberoi

  Basic Information: Year: 2009 Page Number: 512 File Type: PDF File Size: 4.85 MB Authors/ Editiors: Raman Uberoi Description: Interventional Radiology is a comprehensive guide suitable for all levels of knowledge from medical students, nurses, radiographers, to young and aspiring interventional trainees and junior consultants wishing to improve their understanding of the techniques or to pursue a career in interventional radiology.The text covers knowledge of key equipment and drugs used in routine interventional practice and explains the fundamental skills which form the bedrock of virtually all interventional techniques. The handbook gives...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks of Musculoskeletal Imaging 1st Edition (2010) (PDF) by Philip G. Conaghan

  Basic Information: Year: 2010 Page Number: 480 File Type: PDF File Size: 6.37 MB Authors/ Editiors: Philip G. Conaghan Description: Diseases of the joints and surrounding tissues cannot be visualised without the help of imaging techniques. These range from x-rays (which have been available for over 100 years) to the highly sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging scanning. The variety of imaging techniques and indeed the quality of these images has improved radically in the past decade and this book attempts to capture the way in which rheumatologists and their colleagues can use...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks Renal Transplantation 1st Edition (2010) (PDF) by Nicholas Torpey

  Basic Information: Year: 2010 Page Number: 436 File Type: PDF File Size: 3.42 MB Authors/ Editiors: Nicholas Torpey Description: Renal Transplantation has been written for use by trainees, doctors, and nurses who are exposed to renal transplant patients and their donors. It is a practical, comprehensive guide to all aspects of renal transplantation. Every phase of donor and recipient care, from assessment to the transplant operation to post-transplant management, is included, with chapters covering essential background information and up-to-date management guidelines. Additional chapters include information on transplant immunology, tissue typing, immunosuppression...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks Retrieval Medicine (2017) (PDF) by Charlotte Evans

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 688 File Type: PDF File Size: 4.16 MB Authors/ Editiors: Charlotte Evans Description: The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Retrieval Medicine is a core, concise and practical text covering the complex clinical and logistical problems experienced in the retrieval environment. Focusing on evidence-based management and clear clinical guidance, this easily portable handbook provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to this growing field for all health professionals involved in the retrieval and transfer of critically ill patients. Covering the practice of acute, emergency and critical care medicine in...

Operative Surgery (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery) 2nd Edition (2006) (PDF) by Greg R. McLatchie

  Basic Information: Year: 2006 Page Number: 888 File Type: PDF File Size: 7.67 MB Authors/ Editiors: Greg R. McLatchie Description: This completely revised handbook provides concise and clear information on how to perform operations in the main surgical specialties. It provides an overview of modern operative surgical practice and gives indications for surgery providing details of operative techniques to supplement hands-on experience. It will enable the inexperienced surgeon to prepare adequately for observing, assisting at and ultimately performing a wide variety of surgical operations. It is up to date and reflects...

Vascular Surgery (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery) 2nd Edition (2015) (PDF) by Linda Hands

  Basic Information: Year: 2015 Page Number: 448 File Type: PDF File Size: 11.11 MB Authors/ Editiors: Linda Hands Description: Oxford Specialist Handbooks are portable, succinct, and above all reliable guides to difficult and challenging areas of surgical practice. The third edition of Vascular Surgery has been fully revised and updated to meet the needs of the vascular surgery trainee. Providing practical advice on all commonly encountered peripheral vascular problems. It focuses on surgical detail, but also carries background information on presentation and details on preoperative investigation and postoperative management. It gives relevant...

Manual of Childhood Infections: The Blue Book (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics) 3rd Edition (2016) (PDF) by Mike Sharland

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 990 File Type: PDF File Size: 3.32 MB Authors/ Editiors: Mike Sharland Description: Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of child morbidity and mortality worldwide. Now in its fourth edition, Manual of Childhood Infections is a simple-to-use, evidence-based, and practical handbook on how to recognize, investigate, and manage both common and rare infectious diseases in children and babies. Endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases, this fully updated version of the established 'Blue Book'...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2nd Edition (2013) (PDF) by Joanna Chikwe

  Basic Information: Year: 2013 Page Number: 684 File Type: PDF File Size: 7.73 MB Authors/ Editiors: Joanna Chikwe Description: Cardiothoracic Surgery covers all areas of adult and pediatric, cardiac and thoracic surgery and intensive care. This new edition, with updated cardiac surgery and thoracic sections, provides on-the-spot guidance to common and less common operative procedures. Every chapter is divided into topics presented across two pages to enable easy reference, with pages on intensive care edged in red for immediate access. Completely updated with current evidence and guidelines, the book is practically oriented...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks of Echocardiography 2nd Edition (2013) (PDF) by Paul Leeson

  Basic Information: Year: 2013 Page Number: 672 File Type: PDF File Size: 10.34 MB Authors/ Editiors: Paul Leeson Description: Paul Leeson studied medicine at St. Andrews and Cambridge before moving to Oxford for specialist training in cardiology. He is now a consultant cardiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital where he provides expertise in cardiovascular imaging and hypertension. He is also a British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and heads the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility. He is co-author of a range of cardiology books published by...