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Washington Manual of Surgery 6th Edition (2012) (PDF) by M.D. Klingensmith, Mary E.

  Basic Information: Year: 2012 Page Number: 930 File Type: PDF File Size: 6.40 MB Authors/ Editiors: M.D. Klingensmith, Mary E. Description: Since 1997, The Washington Manual of Surgery has consistently provided residents with need-to-know surgical information and guidance in a convenient and easily accessible source. This is a resident-prepared manual, and as such, each chapter was updated and revised by a resident with assistance from a faculty coauthor from the Department of Surgery at one of the world’s top surgical training programs. The Manual’s unique perspective gives readers a clear view...

The Washington Manual of Echocardiography (Lippincott Manual) 1st Edition (2012) (PDF) by Ravi Rasalingam

  Basic Information: Year: 2012 Page Number: 303 File Type: PDF File Size: 48.06 MB Authors/ Editiors: Ravi Rasalingam Description: Supervised and edited by faculty from the Washington University School of Medicine,The Washington Manual of Echocardiography provides quick insight into the successful performance and interpretation of echocardiographic images. Ideal for today’s cardiology fellow, this outstanding reference is both sufficiently comprehensive to guide users through training, and accessible enough as a quick consult for general physicians who are interested in echocardiography. User's Review: "This excellent book will be a valuable resource for those who need a...

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics 35th Edition (2016) (PDF) by M.D. Bhat, Pavat

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 823 File Type: PDF File Size: 12.32 MB Authors/ Editiors: M.D. Bhat, Pavat Description: Discover why housestaff and faculty worldwide depend on this best-selling medical text – both in print and eBook format! Concise and user-friendly, The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 35th Edition, focuses on the essential information you need to know for successful patient care. Written by residents who are assisted by faculty co-authors and an outstanding editorial team, this must-have reference presents brief, logical approaches to diagnosis and management of commonly encountered...

The Washington Manual of Oncology, 3rd Edition (2015) (Epub) by Ramaswamy Govindan MD

  Basic Information: Year: 2015 Page Number: 504 File Type: Epub File Size: 4.73 MB Authors/ Editiors: Ramaswamy Govindan MD Description: Get the latest, most reliable cancer management recommendations in the famous fast-access Washington Manual® outline format! Concise, clearly written sections on principles of oncology, site-specific diseases, and supportive therapy make The Washington Manual® of Oncology, 3rd Edition , an invaluable resource for the daily care of cancer patients. The Washington Manual® is a registered mark belonging to Washington University in St. Louis to which international legal protection applies. The mark is used...

The Washington Manual of Surgical Pathology 2nd Edition (2012) (PDF) by Ph.D. Humphrey, Peter A., M.D.

  Basic Information: Year: 2012 Page Number: 1002 File Type: PDF File Size: 336.09 MB Authors/ Editiors: Ph.D. Humphrey, Peter A., M.D. Description: Presented in the renowned, fast-access format of other Washington Manual® titles, this excellent book is a practical guide to the clinical practice of surgical pathology. This valuable resource covers all aspects of surgical pathology for every organ and anatomic site, including gross examination and dissection; microscopic diagnosis of medical as well as surgical diseases; tumor classification; and tumor staging. Separate chapters are devoted to ancillary surgical pathology techniques, including...

The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology 2nd Edition (2012) (PDF) by Shirley Joo MD

  Basic Information: Year: 2012 Page Number: 224 File Type: PDF File Size: 5.11 MB Authors/ Editiors: Shirley Joo MD Description: Prepared by specialty residents, fellows and staff in the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, and reviewed by attending physicians in each field—each volume in this renowned series delivers the on-the-spot help you need to provide quality patient management. Right from the initial chapter, you’ll learn how to take a patient history, how to interpret exam findings, what tests to order, how to complete the workup, and how...

The Washington Manual Internship Survival Guide.4th Edition (2013) (PDF) by Thomas M. De Fer

  Basic Information: Year: 2013 Page Number: 239 File Type: PDF File Size: 5.84 MB Authors/ Editiors: Thomas M. De Fer Description: Designed to help residents improve their skills from their very first day on the wards, this pocket-size reference book offers practical medical advice for the top 10 workups and common calls and complaints residents will encounter during their rotations, including key history, what not to miss, and when to call for help. User's Review: Very helpful manual for when you start your Internship. Great manual for intern year especially for night call alone....

The Washington Manual of Critical Care 3rd Edition (2018) (PDF) by Kollef

  Basic Information: Year: 2018 Page Number: 784 File Type: PDF File Size: 30.56 MB Authors/ Editiors: Kollef Description: The Washington Manual of Critical Care , similar to other volumes in this vaunted series, features authors and contributors who are faculty members and practicing physicians at Washington University’s School of Medicine. Inside you’ll find comprehensive and current information for bedside diagnosis and management of some of the most common illnesses and problems encountered in the ICU setting User's Review: If you are doing anything in Critical Care medicine, then you can not just avoid...