Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition (2011) (PDF) Richard I. G. Holt



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  • Year: 2011
  • Page Number: 392
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 40.23 MB
  • Authors/ Editiors: Richard I. G. Holt


Beautifully presented, and now in full colour, the sixth edition ofEssential Endocrinology and Diabetes is fullyup-to-date with the latest knowledge and concepts on theworkings of the endocrine system. It explains the key principles ofendocrine physiology in an easy reading style popular withstudents, clinicians and scientists. The invaluable background onbasic science and investigation, including new moleculartechniques, provides the foundation for detailed discussion ofthe diagnosis and management of clinical endocrine disorders anddiabetes.

The teaching style and presentation has been strengthenedthroughout, and includes learning objectives and“recap” links at the beginning of each chapter thatremind the reader of key findings and principles, whilecross-referencing makes it easy to locate related informationquickly and efficiently. There are also more case studies, withdetailed answers applying theory to practice.

Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes is the perfectresource for a course on endocrinology and diabetes, as partof USMLE teaching, and an on-going companion during postgraduateclinical and scientific study. It is accompanied by a FREEenhanced Wiley Desktop Edition – the interactive, digital versionof the book – featuring downloadable text and images,highlighting and note taking facilities, book-marking,cross-referencing, in-text searching, and linking to references andglossary terms.

User’s Review:

I am preparing for my phd thesis, and planning to buy a “textbook” as a framework guide for my introduction chapters. At first glance, I thought this book is kind of superficial. But as I go deeper and further, it is actually pretty well-covered especially the basics! Also, it has a fair amount of clinical-related content which is quite helpful for basic researchers to stay “up-to-date”. Of course, it is not super detailed but definitely recommend as a handy reference book.

I purchased 3 different endocrinology books before this one. I had about decided that endocrinologists were practicing a black art– but this book is very nicely written and very understandable for the medical student, physician or endocrinologist to be. Or in my case, the graduate Veterinarian. Not for the Amman, though one who is very persistent will probably find this informational. If you have the background this will open new worlds to your study of disease.


Free Download Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition PDF

Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition PDF Free Download

Download Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition 2011 PDF Free

Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition 2011 PDF Free Download

Download Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes 6th Edition PDF


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