[PDF] Gerontology for the Health Care Professional 4th Edition (2020) by Regula H. Robnett



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Fascia – the biodynamic tissue that connects every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve in the body – is fast becoming the latest trend in healthcare and allied health modalities. This book is edited by David Lesondak, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, author of the international bestseller Fascia: What it is and why it matters, and Angeli Maun Akey, MD, international physician educator and board certified in both internal and integrative medicine. It contains contributions from a team of top researchers and expert practitioners including physicians, clinicians, therapists, dissectors, and surgeons.


Review “The unique contribution of this text to the field of communication … . This book would be a useful supplemental text for courses covering health communication, crisis communication, and intercultural communication.” (Lyricc King, Iowa Journal of Communication, Vol. 52 (2), 2020)

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