[PDF] Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology 1st Edition (2020) by Bryan Mahoney



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This clinically oriented book provides a complete overview of Proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) Retinal Detachment, a difficult surgical challenge faced by ophthalmologists. Small gauge vitrectomy offers new possibilities to tackle this difficult pathology however this surgical approach may differ from one retinal surgeon to the next. To reflect the various approaches to treating PVR, the book is divided up in three parts. In the first part the authors describe the complete variety of surgical techniques applied to PVR detachment. In the second section, well-known international surgeons from Europe to Asia describe their personal surgical approach for PVR detachment and demonstrate their surgery in videos. In the third part, a large variety of retinal surgeons show case reports of PVR retinal detachment to give a complete overview of dealing with this complex retinal disorder.


Review From the reviews:”This beautifully illustrated book attempts to explain the complex anatomy of the temporal bone using CT an MR microscopy. Ò€¦ This book is written primarily for radiologists, but it is useful for all students of temporal bone anatomy as well as practicing otolaryngologists. Ò€¦ This will be highly useful to otolaryngology residents, practicing otologisst, and neurotologists. Ò€¦ It is a high-quality book that provides some of the most detailed descriptions of temporal bone anatomy I have encountered and the imaging complements the text well.” (Eric Roos Snyder, Doody’s Review Service, April, 2009)”The book is very well organized and beautifully presented. This book would be very useful to anyone involved with imaging of the temporal bone. Students seeking an introduction to imaging can use this as an effective tool for programmed learning. More advanced radiologists will appreciate the additional detail provided by the microimaging techniques combined with the beautifully reconstructed and reformatted images. Otolaryngologists would also appreciate this book. It is a superb imaging atlas of the temporal bone.” (Hugh Curtin, Radiology, Vol. 263 (1), April, 2012) –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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