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Andreas Meiser summarizes the current literature on inhalation sedation of critically ill patients. To meet clinical demands, he describes the development of new devices to administer volatile anesthetics together with common ICU ventilators. Their basic principle is called anesthetic reflection. The author discusses advantages and drawbacks of these devices in line with clinical studies demonstrating advantages of inhaled versus intravenous ICU sedation.About the Author:Dr. med. Andreas Meiser is working as a consultant anesthesiologist on the interdisciplinary operative ICU of the Saarland University Medical Center. He has been a pioneer in the field of inhalation ICU sedation. He has been treating patients using the AnaConDa administration devices since 2004, and has published many original articles in scientific journals on the subject.


Compiled and deftly edited by Dongyou Lie, the “Handbook of Foodborne Diseases” summarizes the latest findings on more than 100 foodborne diseases and thier causative agents. With contributions from international experts on foodborne pathogens, toxins, and toxin agents research, this volume provides state-of-the-art overviews of foodborne dieseases in relation to their etiology, biology, epide,iology, clinical presentation, pathogenesis, diagnosi, treatment, and prevention. Apart from offering a comprehnsive textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students in food, medical, and veterinary microbiology, this deftly organized and presented volumne constittues a valuable reference on foodborne diseases for medical professionals and health authorities, and forms an informative educational resoirce for the general public.

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