[PDF] Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders 1st Edition (2017) by Sudhansu Chokroverty



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This ABC has established itself as a popular introduction to Clinical Haematology, relevant both for postgraduate students and primary care practitioners. Now in its third edition, the ABC of Clinical Haematology has been thoroughly revised, featuring the latest treatments for leukemia, antithrombotics and drugs for lymphoma and covering the latest advances in hematology and bone marrow transplantation.


This is the latest offering from the at Glance series. In essence this book covers the basic ground work in relation to the field of ENT. The book fundamentally aimed at junior clinicians and practitioners. The text is well formatted to add to, and supplement the plethora of very good diagrams and other photographic media, as is the tradition with this series this book is feature rich in its delivery. As the bumf states the overview, here, covers the most common maladies and diseases that you can come across in ENT. The layout indexed well and each topic is given over to a couple of pages.

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