[PDF] Tresch and Aronow’s Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly 6th Edition (2019) by Wilbert S. Aronow



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A sound understanding of clinical oral pathology is essential if a dental clinician is to navigate successfully through clinical guidelines, make timely referrals to specialists, and provide good care for patients. This new edition of Soames’ & Southam’s Oral Pathology provides a clear and friendly guide for students, practitioners, and the whole dental team.


This book details the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, with well-balanced coverage of the peripheral and central nervous systems, and an emphasis on clinical applications of the scientific theory. The clinical correlates make for very interesting reading, often including key research reviews or case studies relevant to a practising audiologist. I found the science more relevant and easier to grasp through these links to clinical practice. The second edition also adds a useful chapter on development. auditory system plasticity and ageing effects that focuses on clinical implications of lifetime changes of the auditory system.

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